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Best Chicken and Waffles in Austin

Thanks. I did not expect to hear either of those but they make sense considering all of the other good things I've heard about both Paggie House and Max's Wine Dive.

Max's Wine Dive
207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

May 29, 2010
dmiesse in Austin

Best Chicken and Waffles in Austin

I live near Barton Springs Pool but will travel around Austin for good food. I intend to try 24 Diner sometime soon and seeing Chicken and Waffles on their menu has made me wonder who has the best (or at least good) Chicken and Waffles in Austin. So, that's the question:

Who has the best Chicken and Waffles in/around Austin?

I'd prefer to go somewhere in town, especially in/around downtown, but anything within a 50-mile radius will be considered.

Any insight you can provide is appreciated.


May 28, 2010
dmiesse in Austin