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French Onion Soup recommendations?

I've been on a french onion soup kick lately and can't seem to get enough of it...any good recommendations in the central CT area? I like it when the edges of the cheese gets nice and was disappointed by Tunxis Grill in Windsor today...the cheese was gooey and barely melted, and the cup it came in was so small there was barely room for any of the broth. Thanks in advance!

Glastonbury update...

Drove by Moe's tonight and they're now open also!

Bricco in Glastonbury update

Was there last night as well; the one thing I don't like is that just like Bricco's in WH they only take reservations for parties of 6 or more, but we planned to get there earlier (around 5:20) so we actually had no wait... Things were definitely backed up by 5:45 though.

The inside decor is COMPELTELY different from Sauce and it looks awesome. They definitely spent time and money on redoing it, but I think it was worth it. I got the white bean soup to start and the Branzino while my friend got a caesar salad and scallops. All was excellent and perfectly cooked. They use produce from about a dozen local farms, which are all listed up on a chalkboard over the bar area. Prices were basically on par with the WH Bricco's.....the soup and salad were about 8 dollars, my entree was 23, scallops were about 25 I think and desserts were 9 dollars each. They also had pizza, pastas and a large number of appetizers.

We didnt have dessert, but checked out the menu. I am curious to know what olive oil ice cream is/tastes like, but we were too full to try it out. I really think this is going to do well here and I'm rooting for it because I love not having to cross the river to get to that Bricco's. I'm eager to go back !

Something for family meal and chatting near Hartford Hospital Hartford, CT?

J Restaurant is pretty good and would be super convenient...right across from the hospital. You can check out their menu and such on their website...

Glastonbury update...

I drove by there today myself and they now have the Moe's sign up on the building, so it looks like it's official!

Crave in Glastonbury

This is still the same owner/management as Buckingham Pizza, just a new name. The food can be decent (although we recently ordered a broccoli pizza and got just broccoli stems, no heads, on it) and it's convenient for takeout if you live on this side of town, but it's way overpriced and they recently stopped giving a side salad with their pasta entrees--you now have to pay extra.

What Foods Do You Hate/Dislike that Most Hounds Probably Love?

Oysters. I want to like them. I've tried to like them. I just can't.

May 29, 2010
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Bangkok Spice - Glastonbury CT

I tend to prefer both the food and the service at Thai Angel in South Glastonbury or Puket Cafe in Rocky Hill; I think the ambiance is a bit nicer at Puket and the food is of higher quality at Thai Angel.

Thai Angel
RR 17, Glastonbury, CT 06033

Highland Park Market macaroni salad

According to their website they use Hellmann’s Extra Heavy Mayonnaise. Sounds nice and fattening; probably what makes it taste so delicious!