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For all the Brussels Sprouts Haters - what don't you like about them?

I've always loved them but my husband is a life-long BS Hater. Then I found the 5-star recipe for Roasted BS and he loved them roasted! (I've been able to convert him to many good veggies over the course of our marriage). We scarfed a healthy serving, thrilled that we would now add Roasted BS to our repertoire.

Until about an hour later... We both burped the nastiest BS burps for HOURS afterwards. Awful awful. The burps were worse tasting than the vegetable itself. We're so disappointed. We MAY try them again after some beano but I'm not hopeful.

Apr 22, 2013
Kelleygirl in General Topics

Tramontina Tri-ply ATK top choice.

About the time my husband and I (and our friends) got more interested in all-things-cooking, I knew I needed to upgrade our cookware from the cheap hodgepodge we had accumulated. I did the research, popped into Walmart to check out the highly praised Tramontina then raced home to order the 10-pc. set. We love every piece in the set! The quality is second to none and it's given us the confidence to hone our cooking skills (instead of blaming *that dang pan!*)

Now that we got all confident with the pans and cooking and everything, we decided we'd be even better! if we upgraded the appliances to umm, more professional. Like the gas cooktop and better wall oven. And of course the refrigerator to hold the fresh food we'd need to have on hand to put in those great pans on top of the cooktop.

Even though we needed to upgrade the dishwasher too, I don't put the Tramontina in it. I do wait for the pans to cool before I hand wash them but I haven't had any serious issue with sticking. I use BarKeepers Friend as well.

We loved those pans so much we really wanted to SEE them better too. So we hung them from an old garden gate-turned pot rack so they're really handy to USE! It's fun to "shop" for the perfect size pan.

I'm not suggesting this Tramontina Tri-Ply set is so good it prompted a kitchen overhaul. But that's pretty much what happened. :)

Congratulations on a great purchase! With all the money you saved, now you too can upgrade your kitchen. ha!ha!

May 18, 2011
Kelleygirl in Cookware

Do you have a pot rack in your kitchen?

The white appliances were 7 years old and it was time to upgrade ALL of them to stainless. Of course it was necessary to do that in order to match the recently acquired (and fabulous!) Tramontina 10-pc TriPly set and assorted All-Clad pieces. Ha!

And now that the appliances look great (not to mention their amazing functionality suited just to our needs, our house and our lifestyle), I want to display that cookware too. I have a 3' square antique butcher block with a 5' open skylight above it in the center of the kitchen. I'm thinking this vintage garden gate I found is the perfect square size from which to hang all those pots. I can even suspend a downlight above the gate. It's a plan in progress and I know it sounds unconventional.

Do you have a pot rack in your kitchen? Is it there because it looks good or is the functionality the best part of it?

Yay or nay on the pot rack? And thank you for your opinion!


Feb 04, 2011
Kelleygirl in Cookware

Tramontina Gourmet 18/10 Triply the same as Tramontina Triply 18/10?

We must have been standing in Walmart in front of the Tramontina display at the same time! I'm in Missouri so I probably didn't run into you. LOL

I, too, read countless threads and decided to go with the 10-pc Tri ply Clad using the Walmart site-to-store option. I also ordered a couple more pieces to expand that set (1.5 qt. saucepan and 3 qt.).

Those 2 sauce pans came in so I picked them up and had them with me to compare with those displayed in the store. Interestingly the 3qt. was $4 more online than the 3 qt. that was in the store (they refunded the difference). The store had the 8-pc. set + about 6 "open stock" items.

The open stock in the store had the black "Gourmet" labels on them but the pans I ordered did not. They were the exact same pans though "Tramontina TriPlyClad 18/10 SS"

So, yes, what you were looking at in the store is the fully-clad line.

Not to confuse, they also had the plain SS that is NOT fully clad. As long as what you're looking at says "Tri Ply Clad" on the bottom you'll be good to go!

P.S. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry this Tramontina set. I LOVE IT.

May 26, 2010
Kelleygirl in Cookware