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Places to eat in the NY Catskills?

If you are looking for atmosphere, this is it! The place is trendy, well decorated, pretty people, etc. We were impressed by the scene. My husband and I were really hoping that this place would blow us away as far as food is concerned and it did not. However, I would highly recommend Bull and Buddha if you were to choose specific things. For example, the steak was excellent. The cuts of meat were great. I ordered the NY Strip Steak and it was a beautiful cut of meat cooked perfectly. My husband ordered the Filet Mignon. Unfortunately, it was not cooked properly (he ordered MR and it came out close to well done). I thought that this was kinda crazy especially since mine was perfect MR. He had to send it back (which is extremely uncommon for us to do) but the waiter didn't seem to blink an eye about it, so we took him up on it. When my husband received it (the second time), it was cooked perfectly and the portion was larger (not sure if that was intentional or not). I had the pork bun thing for a appetizer (small plate) and it was okay...wouldn't suggest it. I also ordered the Tuna Spring Roll which was AWESOME...highly recommend it! My husband got the squash soup. It was pretty good but seemed like it needed some more seasoning or something. He also got the goat cheese and crab wantons. The crispness was great and the taste was pretty good too. We have both had better as far as this type of dish is concerned but I have to say it was pretty yummy. GIANT GIANT BONUS - There is a VERY nice selection of wines by the bottle for $22!!! In general, we won't go back because it was $30 a plate, it wasn't wonderful, and we live 40 minutes away. If the food was better, we would absolutely take the trip again.

Saugerties, NY

Thank you for the suggestion, priscilla56. Unfortunately, I didn't see it until just now but I will still try out Fez some time. We went to Cucina (Woodstock) for dinner on Saturday night and Love Bites (Saugerties) on Monday for brunch. I would HIGHLY recommend both places!!!

Saugerties Foodies

We had a great time. We went to Cucina (Woodstock) for dinner and it was awesome! We shared the calamari and bruschetta appetizers between the four of us which was perfect. Their pasta dishes are wonderful as I am sure everything else is on the menu. We shared two desserts and both were excellent. I would highly recommend this place!!! We went to "Love Bites" (Saugerties) for brunch on Monday morning. This place is great!!! It is one of those places where you aren't sure what to expect and then you leave feeling 100% full, satisfied, and soooo happy that you found. Also highly recommended!

St. Thomas Dinner Recommendations

Seriously....Try Banana Tree Grille if you go back!!! One of the best meals and restaurants I have ever been to.

Saugerties Foodies

I am meeting four of my friends in Saugerties this weekend for a girl's weekend getaway. We are staying at the Howard Johnson's in Saugerties. We are looking for a nice place to eat dinner on Saturday night and a place for brunch on Sunday. Any recommendations?
Thank you,

Saugerties, NY

I am meeting four of my friends in Saugerties this weekend for a girl's weekend getaway. We are staying at the Howard Johnson's in Saugerties. We are looking for a nice place to eat dinner on Saturday night and a place for brunch on Sunday. Any recommendations?
Thank you,

Places to eat in the NY Catskills?

Are you talking about Gypsy Wolf Cantina in Bearsville/Woodstock? If so, they are def still open b/c my husband and I ate dinner there tonight.

Restaurants in St. Thomas & St. John

My husband and I have been to St. Thomas two times and absolutely love it. We have stayed at the Point Pleasant Resort near Red Hook both times. The resort isn't very fancy but it is private and romantic. Our studio suite had a balcony that overlooked the bay and it was so nice to just sit out there with drinks and take in the view. Our favorite restaurant was Banana Tree Grill in Charlotte Amamlie (sp?). We also enjoyed Agave Terrace although I have been reading that it has gone down in the past few years. The most exciting place that we went to was called Miss Lucy's on St. John. It was a BBQ/Buffet style on the water in the middle of now where. If you plan to go here, make sure you have reliable transportation for the way home so you can catch the ferry on time back to St. Thomas if you are staying in St. Thomas.

Hudson Valley diners

I agree with loupeppe2 100%...King's Valley Diner is best in Kingston!

Review of Texas Roadhouse, Kingston, NY

My husband and I ate at the Kingston, NY chain last Monday. Normally, we are "avoid chain restaurant" snobs but we decided to give it a try. We don't necessarily hate chains but since we are fortunate to live in the Hudson Valley, we have tons of excellent restaurant choices.

We were hungry early that night so we ended up checking out their version of early bird meals called the "Two fer". We were surprisingly impressed with the quality of their food. They served us fresh, warm dinner rolls and a bucket of peanuts as soon as we sat down. I assume the rolls to make us feel right at home and the nuts to make us chill out like we are in a good ol' texas bar...don't know. :)

Anyway, I ordered the 6 ounce sirloin steak with a house salad and fries and my husband had the pulled pork with a house salad and a cup of chili. BTW all of this food was only $15.99! I asked for my sirloin cooked med-rare and that is how it came and it was pretty good quality meat too. The waitress brought over extra BBQ sauce for the pulled pork without even being asked.

The service was very good. The only things that we didn't like is the constant attention from the staff, the line dancing, and the "Let's party like it is a big celebration" atmosphere. Overall, I would recommend it...especially if you want a cheap, easy dinner from 4-6pm. Oh yeah...most importantly...the drinks were extremely reasonable there husband ordered a long island ice tea and it came in a nice size mug for $5 and I ordered a 10oz mug of their lager for $2!

Sep 24, 2008
cherel in Chains

Lunch and nice dinner in/near Kingston?

I can't comment on the Ellenville area but I know Kingston restaurants quite well so here are my recommendations....

Stella's - uptown Kingston on North Front Street - cute, cozy, italian restaurant - very reasonable prices - homemade fav is the chicken sorrentino and my husband's fav is the calamari (he asks for it spicy and he says that they do it very well).

Ugly Gus - uptown Kingston on Main Street - Best place to go for a steak in kingston - the garlic steak and the blue cheese encrusted filet are great - order a martini or another great cocktail if Steve the bartender is working b/c he is one of the best.

Kyoto Sushi - great sushi and they have cool party rooms if you have a larger group - I love the octopus salad, shrimpy mango roll, beef negamaki, and all of the sashimi is very fresh ...would suggest weekends for ultimate freshness.

LeCanard - uptown on Fair Street - French - very good food but a bit pricey. If you want to save a bit of money, go on Monday night...they offer some of their bottled wine at half off....i would try the sancerre...about $23 after half off.

Armadillo - downtown on Abeel Street - Mexican - cool atmosphere and good food but I haven't been there in a while so not 100% sure if things are still the same

My Upcoming Las Vegas Vacation

My husband and I just got back from Las I am sure you did....we had an excellent time! The restaurants that we went to were:

12/29 -Shibuya (sushi place in MGM) - it was excellent - you gotta try the sashimi of toro cold plate, squid, and a bottle of sake (there is a huge selection)
12/30 - Delmonico (steakhouse in Venetian) - one of my favorite places to dine of all time - have been there before and would return in a heartbeat....everything is great.
12/31 - Mon Ami Gambi (French steakhouse in Paris) - very good but I think I would need to give this place a second change before truly commenting on it - considering it was New Years Eve, everything was rushed and the menu was limited

Jan 03, 2008
cherel in Las Vegas

Restaurants in Hudson Valley

These are my favorites....
-Terrapin in Rhinebeack
-Ugly Gus in Kingston
-LeCanard in Kingston
-Stellas in Kingston
-Tomo Sushi in Saugerties

BBQ in Kingston, NY

Yes, I have to agree with you there...the service was horrible...actually, just the waitress. The host was very nice.

reception/catering facilites hudson valley, ny

We got married at Twin Lakes in Hurley, NY last August. It is very pretty there...we got married right next to the lake and had the reception there inside. You can also have your reception outside. They also have a pool and accomodations for guests on site.

We used Riccardi's in Kingston, NY for our rehearsal dinner. We did the buffet option. It was a lot of food for a good price and it was laid back, which was great. We had about 40 people at our rehearsal dinner and they were able to accomodate all of us with out a problem.

We had our cake done at Lochman's Bakery in Saugerties, NY. It was good...nothing extrodinary.

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

I would have to say that Plaza Pizza is probably the best pizza in Kingston. Four Seasons is really good too...they don't deliver to my house though. :)

BBQ in Kingston, NY

A new restaurant, called Pier 23, down in the roundout area just opened on Broadway. The food is "neo-soul". They do have collard greens, yummy mac and cheese, fried chicken, and a few nice BBQ dishes. You can also get a BBQ combo dinner. They also have small flat screen televisions in the is pretty neat. I think this place will be succesful.

Dinner (with a view?) near Kingston, NY

Yes, Sky Top is definately still open and has great steak. I would NOT recommend Hillside Manor to anyone.

Dinner (with a view?) near Kingston, NY

Yeah, the roundout area in Kingston doesn't really have the best "river" view. I guess the best place would be Mariners but I don't even think their food is all that great.

great Mexican in Kingston NY

I agree, El Danzante is excellent. We order out from there all of the time and all of the food is very fresh.

Two Fine Lunch Choices in Kingston

A couple of other great lunch places in uptown Kingston are Ugly Gus and Hoffman House.

Deising's in Kingston

If you want an EXCELLENT bagel in Kingston, NY...go to Sunrise Bagels on Albany prepared probably has enough calories in it for a whole day...especially if you have Ham, Egg, and Cheese on it...THEY ARE YUMMY!!!

Do we tip on the wine?

My husband and I always tip on the wine. In fact, we always tip after tax as well...usually 20%...sometimes more if the service was absolutely excellent....sometimes less if the service sucked.

Aug 06, 2007
cherel in Not About Food