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Bad experience w/ Punjab in Arlington?

I don't think that posting a not so good experience is a flame. It is factually what happened, along with my hypotheses of the situation. What happened to discourse? Before castigating a poster, perhaps you should ask relevant questions about the experience, as one person did ("What did you order?") Will you also respond in kind to the poster who posts a bad experience about Figs on Charles St? Are people not allowed to share information and opinions?

We phoned in our order at 5:01 on Saturday according to the ticket. Was the kitchen slammed at 5:01? I don't know.

The printed ticket showed "Regular" for all dishes ordered.

I think what they could have done when we ordered 'mild for a young child' is offered an opinion e.g. "This is a bit spicy but I recommend..."

I think also that the manager, rather than repeating "This is the least spicy we make it" over 5 times as I asked questions, could have said something such as "Next time you bring your children and we'll help you order." or "Can we offer you one very mild dish next time you are here?" At the end of our conversation, when I asked her if there was anything she could do, she could have offered up something beyond "Sorry but this is the least spicy we can make it." I can only surmise from the manager's response that they don't take into account feedback from customers (i.e. customer service).

I've been eating in restaurants for most of my 45 years, so I am not a newcomer to dining at any level. Up until this occasion, my (also decade or since its inception) experience w/ Punjab was positive. As stated earlier, I might go back w/ only my husband, but I will not bring my children (one of whom likes spicy and the other does not). Our last experience at Il Casale with children had a very minor glitch. To rectify it, the restaurant took one app off the bill and gave us another dessert. We didn't ask for any of this. This is an example of very good customer service, which Punjab could have offered without our asking for a freebie. I don't think having a glass of water refilled at every request necessarily equates with excellent c.s.

Bad experience w/ Punjab in Arlington?

More recently, we've been going to Royal India in Lex Ctr. They definitely aim to please (customizing the spices in any dish as well as very friendly service). My husband and I might go to Punjab on occasion, but we def won't be bringing our children. Over the past 12 years, we've always taken our children to restaurants (around the country and world) to expose them to various cuisines. But this is one restaurant that we clearly can't take children to.
Again, what most surprised me is the customer service approach and the knowledge that the sauces are pre-made (hence the inability to leave out a pepper).

Royal India Restaurant
42 Merrimack St, Haverhill, MA 01830

Bad experience w/ Punjab in Arlington?

Tandoori chicken - very good.
Tandoori grilled veg. salad - good but they forgot the dressing that makes it so yummy.
yellow lentil w/ squash - very spicy
red beans - mild (aloo rajma?)
Mutter paneer - very spicy and could see the reddish chili tint to the sauce

There is no indication on the menu that these would be spicy. Again, they two were ok for adults who can tolerate spice. Not ok for young children.

Bad experience w/ Punjab in Arlington?

Not sure how to even address your first question. Of course we (the adults) tasted it. It was spicy for us, the way we like it. My 4 yo isn't ready to type a review but she's been exposed to many types of food beyond bananas. Even our 12 year old found the 2 entrees too spicy, and she likes Indian, Mexican etc.

Simple, seasonal Italian NOT in North End

Il Casale in Belmont Center is wonderful. I hear that reservations are easy to come by since the suburban client base has all fled to the Cape and Nantucket.

5 nights in Old QC w/ kids 8/13-18

I am traveling to Quebec City this weekend with my husband and two children (4.5 and 11.5). Several friends have given us names of nicer restaurants (most with good reviews) in the $20+ range.

Are there also any good, less expensive restaurants/cafes etc. where we can eat supper for under $60 total? Ethnic food is ok w/ us but we do want good, fresh food that hopefully is not from a chain-food type place.


Native corn

I've also been getting my corn from Hutchins. It's beautiful and sweet. We eat it raw, cooked, roasted etc. We are also shucking, cutting, and freezing kernels for use this winter. It's worth the drive if you plan to eat it within a day of buying it (before it becomes starchy and flavorless).

Bad experience w/ Punjab in Arlington?

My husband ordered takeout from Punjab in Arlington a few days ago. We usually dine in, but this time we wanted food at home. He ordered 4 entrees and requested mild spice since we have a 4 y.o.

Two of the 4 were mild, and the other two were suitable for an adult who likes spicy food.

I phoned and spoke with a woman, maybe a manager?, who repeatedly told me that this is the least spicy they can make the dishes ordered. The items could have been made more spicy if we'd wanted it so. someone who is a good cook, this tells me two things about Punjab. One, Punjab premixes all spice combos and it premakes all sauces. Nothing is truly made to order. They can always add more spice to take it to another level. Two, Punjab doesn't care about its customers and their requests.

Has anyone else had this experience there? BTW, Royal India Bistro in Lexington Center will make dishes to order, as I have requested mild items so that my children can also enjoy the food. Mild does not equate with tasteless.

Seeking good "bad" Chinese-American food in the inner western burbs (Belmont / Arlington / Lexington / Watertown / Waltham, maybe Cambridge and Somerville)

My (many) Asian friends and neighbors in Lex won't touch the first two above w/ a 10 foot pole. Some have directed me to Asiana Bistro in Bedford, but you must order from the Chinese menu, not the general bad Chinese-American menu. When I went armed with my special Chinese menu, the waitress accusingly asked "Where you get this?" I answered, "From friends." All was ok.

Asiana Bistro
200 Great Rd, Bedford, MA 01730

December Openings and Closings

Stopped in today and tried a black and white cookie. It was ok. Learned that it is the cafe arm of a Charlestown based catering company, as well as part of Biga breads. I'll go back and try more stuff very soon. The cupcakes look good but are on the small side - a healthier portion size. I'd better get my bike ready to make the 6 mile ride so as to offset some of the calories.

December Openings and Closings

Cakes opened this weekend in Arlington. Anyone tried it? They have Saturday breakfast also.

Another Bostonian looking for good challah

I make my own every other week. I used a Rosh HaShana recipe for our round ones this year - very moist, nicely sweet. Not hard to make them, but it does take about 4 hours.

July Openings and Closings

thank God the Vinny T's (or whatever it was) closed in Lexington. In 10 years of living in Lexington, I had never eaten there.

Help with Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Boston

Does this $20 include alcohol? You can easily spend $20 pp just on wine and beer, never mind the food. S&S Deli is spacious and NEVER crowded at night. Not sure I'd consider it fun.

Sweet Thyme Bakery, Lexington Center, not to be missed!

This is my fav go-to in Lex center whenever I need to satisfy my sweet tooth - about 3x per week. The offerings are beautifully presented and/or packaged. If you only prefer Euro style pastries, this is not the place to go. The owners/bakers are very focused on quality and freshness of the items. Periodically, they offer a new Asian twist on an American or European dessert (e.g. the apple pie filled sticky rice flour muffin). Or a mango or mocha mousse that is a cross b/w jello and rich mousse but without the cloying sweetness of jello.

I hope it doesn't become too popular or I won't be able to sit next time I'm in the shop.