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caledonia spirits - barr hill gin

Lemon and honey are a natural match, so I figured that a honeyed gin and tonic with a splash of lime would be nice. I'm having one right now...and it's a tasty treat.

Now I'm wondering how something minty would meld with this stuff.

Apr 28, 2012
Dan Holway in Spirits

Best South Shore Eats off Route 3

British Beer Company? Seriously?

Apr 12, 2012
Dan Holway in Features

Garlic Dill Pickles

As the first poster already asked, is there any need at all to boil the water and salt? A quarter cup of kosher salt will quickly dissolve in four cups of water if put in a blender for a few pulses. (Boiling the water and salt with the garlic, mustard seeds, and bay leaf might make sense, though, to open the flavors a bit.)

May 25, 2010
Dan Holway in Recipes