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One night for dinner - Providence or Newport?

For the quality and preparation of food, variety of the menu, and the wine list , Al Forno still beats the overwhelming majority of restaurants in Prov.

Visiting the INner Harbour

My wife and I are visiting Baltimore inner harbour the weekend of 6/4. Looking for a 10+ Restaurant for Saturday evening. Should have white linen service with an above average wine list and well prepared and presented food. Would prefer something in walking distance of the inner harbour as we won't have a car for the weekend. Also looking for a good Sushi restaurant for Saturday lunch. BYOB's are acceptable on both if they meet the other criteria. Any suggestions would be welcome.

One night for dinner - Providence or Newport?

I haven't dined at Red Stripe in some time(about 2 years). Last time the place was packed and the food was acceptable. The place is very loud. Nice decor. Good place for fish and chips. Newport has "22 Bowen" that is excellent - basically American Cuisine. Bristol has a great restaurant called "Persimmon" - very small - you'll need reservations well in advance, but well worth the visit. The food and the presentation are impeccable. Persimmon has French-Italian overtones, but I wouldn't call it either. IN town, the best is "Al Forno" - unfortunately, reservations are not taken, so if you're going on a weekend get there early.

Red Stripe
465 Angell St, Providence, RI 02906

Cacio e Pepe Pasta

This is a great dish when done right. Had this in Italy many times; particularly popular in the Rome area with the Cacio di Roma cheese.

May 25, 2010
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