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Chicken in Vancouver

I just read a blog post on cooking wine chicken. The blogger mentioned ordering Win Tat chicken direct from the supplier. Cost is about 45 bucks for a case of 8 chickens. They will even deliver for free. Here's the the link to the blog post.

Here's contact info for Wingtat Chicken.

12951 Bathgate Way
Richmond, BC
Canada V6V 1Y5

Tel: 604-278-4450

Sales Department


If you dont have a car, u can take the Canada Line from the airport to the Aberdeen LRTstation. You have 2 to 3 good dimsum places along that station. Namely, Sea Harbour , Rainflower and Fisherman's Terrace. After your dimsum, you can take the Canada Line again to your downtown hotel. The only downside is that you may have to carry your luggage in the restaurant.

Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X4J7, CA

Which hot pot places serve individual size pots ? Not the regular kind..

There's Pearl Hotpot in Kingsway, Burnaby. It's not AYCE. Here's a review:

For AYCE individual hotpot, there is KK Dollar Hot Pot. Here's a review

Chow-worthy spots near the Canada Line (Richmond)?

Just an update, Kumare Restaurant is now open. Here's Chowtimes blog on this restaurant.

Chow-worthy spots near the Canada Line (Richmond)?

There are a couple of chain restaurants along the Lansdowne station on number 3 road. Sammy J Pepper and Cactus Club and of course White Spot. But nothing really worthwhile. If you want better Western cuisine might as well take the Canada line to Yaletown Station.

Chow-worthy spots near the Canada Line (Richmond)?

To add to the list which was predominantly Chinese eats, there are several noteworthy Filipino eateries along the Brighouse Station.

- Cucina Manila (Cook Road - Filipino Fastfood)

- Newtown Bakery (Cook Road -- Special siopao)

- Aling Mary (Park Road - Hot Pan de Sal)

- Kumare Cafe & Bakery (Soon to open on Park Road, - Filipino bakery and cafe/eatery).

Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant in Vancouver/Richmond

Sorry LR, I wouldnt recommend South Ocean for a wedding banquet. Its kinda low-end restaurant. Their dimsum is good though and cheap.

In need of passion fruit

I've seen fresh passion fruits sold in Kin's Farm Richmond Centre Mall. You can phone them ahead. They may be available in their branch near you.


I did a little googling and found this blog post on sponge cake made without ovalette. Apparently you can substitute a tablespoon of condensed milk for ovalette.

Dim sum on carts in Lower Mainland / GVA / Metro Vancouver cities?

My favorite of the three is South Ocean. If you go on weekdays before noon, all dimsums (small. medium. large) are just 2.50 each. Good and cheap as grayelf said.

Bits but no bubbles: first meal at Bo Laksa part deux

Thanks for the tip fmed. I'll order that pickled mango salad too. I think I have enough to get me by in this first trip. I suspect it will be a takeout because I cannot eat all of that by myself. Laksa, roti, tea salad, pork curry and shredded mango pickle. Yummy!

Bits but no bubbles: first meal at Bo Laksa part deux

That sounds good fmed. I love anything with pork belly. i'll put that in my to get list for sure. BTW, is it cash only in this new place?

Bits but no bubbles: first meal at Bo Laksa part deux

Hi grayelf, I'm going there next week. It will be my first time ever in BLK. (shame on me. :(. Anyway, i will be getting the laksa and the roti. The laksa will be courtesy of the Chowtimes coupon. (thanks Ben and Bo.) Aside from these two and the tea salad, what would be another must order dish in BLK? Its a bit far from Richmond where I live so I may not visit as often as I wanted.

Fat-free greek yogourt in Vancouver

I think the closest you can get to fat free Greek yogurt would be the fat free Liberte yogurt. I saw them on sale at IGA Marketplace. I think Save on Foods also carries them.

"Japanese village" food carts in Richmond

That's actually a good spot for food carts. You have the casino players plus the Canada line riders as potential customers. It is also far enough from the brick and mortar eateries to pose as threat to them.

"Japanese village" food carts in Richmond

Sana the food carts that didnt win the Vancouver food cart lottery decide to set up shop in Richmond. That will be nice.

gnudi in Van

I checked with my pal Mr. Google and he came up with this restaurant serving gnudi.

with just one sleep left...

I wonder what will happen to the food court places that do not charge tax upfront. Will they increase their prices to account for HST? Hmm... foodcourts may be my dining place choice for a little while until I get used to HST.

Nibbling around Three Road: Richmond Public Market, President Plaza food court, Parker Place, HK BBQ Master

Ningbo in President Plaza foodcourt is now closed. They sold that yummy fried rice cake and my favorite shredded pork with preserved vegetables noodle soup. The place is being renovated for another food stall.

Authentic Sichuan Found in Richmond

I'd like to join if I can. I'll bring a face towel to wipe my perspirations.

Street Food in Vancouver

Pandesal sliders with pork longanisa. Filipino deserts such as biko rice cake, cassava cake, anything with ube. Yum!!

Street Food in Vancouver

We should have something like this here. Filipino food truck.

Nibbling around Three Road: Richmond Public Market, President Plaza food court, Parker Place, HK BBQ Master

There is also a Szechuan food stall in RPM. At the farthest end on the east side. 2 doors to the right of the rice hotpot place. The name of the place is Chongqing Family Food. Its mainly steam table food but they have a good variety of Szechuan goodies. For me I use it to train myself to eat spicy food. I can now handle a bit of heat but I still sweat like a pig.

Nibbling around Three Road: Richmond Public Market, President Plaza food court, Parker Place, HK BBQ Master

The Taiwanese stall is no longer there. It is replaced by a stall specializing in marinated offals. (tripes, intestines, goose hearts, giblets etc.) They sell them by weight. You can also order 3 items on rice. I tried that once, ordering tripes, goose giblets and goose hearts. I wasnt really impressed. The marinade didn't come through. All I tasted was salty.

Nibbling around Three Road: Richmond Public Market, President Plaza food court, Parker Place, HK BBQ Master

Actually in Yummy Malaysia the cook is still the same even after the ownership changes.. I see him in the back cooking whenever I pass by their stall.

Beijiang Restaurant (Richmond) - Xinjiang

Yes I can confirm that. I had lunch there today and I asked the server about the whole lamb. I asked if its in Yuan. He laughed and said its in Canadian dollars. Its kinda expensive for that price unless the lamb is as big as a cow. LOL.

BTW, I was lunching alone so I just ordered the lamb skewers and the tofu with preserved eggs. The skewers are really good and its a good deal at $2.00. I think its about twice the size of that served at 9 dishes.

Hon's Wun-Tun House (Richmond)

Im wondering about that too. It had always been busy everytime we dined there. Not sure if they closed because of economic reasons. BTW, King Buffet is now open in the old Hon's space. Prices are quite cheap. $10.00 for lunch and $16.00 for dinner. I went there last Friday for lunch. They had 40 hot items and 20 cold items, plus a dimsum bar. Actually the dimsum is quite good and its comparable to say mid-end dimsum places. At 10 bux its quite a good deal.

Beijiang Restaurant (Richmond) - Xinjiang

How about a chowdown before they shut down. Barbq whole lamb at 980 RMB is only about 150 canadian. Good for 10 or more chowhounds.

ISO YUNNAN Steam Pot in Lower Mainland

I wonder if you guys know of any place that sells the Yunnan steam pot inn Lower Mainland. It is mainly used for cooking steam boiled soups. Here's a description from the web. Thanks in advance.

day 3: richmond day. any hk diner recs for a quick tea?

I second your suggestion of Lido restaurant. Their pineapple bun is to die for. A perfect accompaniment to HK milktea. It is quite decadent especially if you order it with butter. You'll get a quarter inch thick slab of butter with the bun. I just wonder if they have it at night. But anyway Lido seems to fit the bill.