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Picky Orderers: Are YOU One of Them?

As a former Starbucks barista, please allow me to assure you that the "complicated drink order" person is way less annoying than the "I'm at Starbucks but I refuse to use the *lingo* because I'm so sophisticated and above it" person.

Idiotic things you do in the kitchen

Hah! I did that, but with a glass baking pan full of sticky bqq sauced baked pork chops! The glass bits were everywhere, hanging from the ceiling even because of the sticky now caramelized sauce.

I cannot eat "strangers'" food

If we're enabling butter, and I am so in.

I cannot eat "strangers'" food

Heck of a way to introduce myself with a first post yeah? Hey y'all, I'm a freak! Nice to meet ya!

I cannot eat "strangers'" food

You ain't alone, I'm sorry to say I have the same problem. If the person who made the food is somebody I know well and/or somebody I trust for whatever reason I feel comfortable eating their food or drinking open beverages they're offering. Otherwise, just can't seem to make myself do it! It doesn't make any logical sense at all Then again, I'm also rather OCD (the actual disorder, not the casual definition) and have several quirks that defy explanation. For whatever reason, if I do not feel this other person has any personal interest or concern for my safety, I just can't consume the food or drink. Every now and then I wonder if it has anything to do with some food and drug tampering scares on the news when I was a kid, some of the ones that led to safety seals being popular? That really freaked me out when I was younger, and to this day I have trouble eating or drinking things from a store that ain't sealed. (Farmer's markets don't bother me as much though, no clue why.)