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Sweet Chile–Chicken Rice Bowl

This was time-consuming, but was also by far the best rice bowl I have ever made. Although I also made some changes: The crushed red pepper I used was not Korean. I left out the Anaheim chili and tripled the serranos, left out the Korean chili paste and used regular basil leaves in place of Thai. I deep fried 6 shallots so there would be plenty to go around. Instead of the broccoli and Shiso I used regular stir-fry vegetables. The shallots really made all the difference -- they added a tasty crunch to the meal. I also soft-boiled instead of poached the eggs. I think the sauce would be delicious on all kinds of dishes, so I'm glad I had extra. I would definitely make this again.

May 22, 2010
viridian7 in Recipes