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Is Japanese food overrated?

wow caroline...
Sushi rice is supposed to be made with round rice, not long grain...

Japanese restaurants in the states have positively progressed immensely in the past decade.

Prior to WWII, i am certain that quality of imported japanese ingredients and quality of it must have been sub par. Now adays there are many food vendors including NY Mutual, JFC, and other giant food importers that enables the cuisine to evolve.

There are things such as classical american cooking that may have been better prior to WWII. But to say Japanese food was better back in the days is just too much of a personal preference.

Oct 29, 2010
atomusmaximus in General Topics

Need an upscale restaurant thats not too expensive

Jean-Georges' Matsugen offer $38 prefix on saturday as well

241 Church Street, New York, NY 10013

Aug 22, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan

Ma Peche - dinner crowds?


However, I do believe David Chang can turn it around.
Especially with GM and Somm being replaced, this place may turn around.
I really hope Chang hires some serious professionals this time

Aug 11, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan

BEST Japanese Restaurant to goto that participate in NYC restaurant week?


Jul 20, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan

Romantic, Traditional, Affordable spot for Dad & his fiancee - West Village-ish

PERRY STREET! The occasion fits the place perfectly.
It is one of JGVs creation. Serene, tranquil, and food focused in simple setting.
This is IT.

Jul 20, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan

Best Cupcakes in NYC?

Chicalicious' cupcakes are also quite amazing.

If you have a huge sweet tooth, this may be not be for you as their frosting is much less sweet than others. Cakes are very moist without being oily and their filling is perfectly creamy without being overwhelmingly sweet.

I think it is a nice touch of japanese baking flare on staple all-american-dessert.

May 23, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan

21st Birthday celebration for 25...HELP!!!

Sounds like you will like one of BR Guest Restaurants.
check out
BWG or ISA or Dos Caminos would fit for your occasion.

May 22, 2010
atomusmaximus in Manhattan