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Casa Loma as venue.

I should clarify some points --

The room which it would be held is on the 3rd floor (The Austin Room)-just a beautiful room, definatly a "wow" factor. it's perfect for a small crowd of about 50-60 people. They do offer a in-house caterer and also have a list of approved caterers too.

I need opinions, suggestions, whatever... :)

Thanks so much

Casa Loma as venue.

I am thinking of hosting a wedding shower there...

What has been your experiences with this venue? I would love to hear from those who have actually dealt with the catering department and hosted functions there...


Greek Bakery

Ditto....Santorini was not the great experience for good greek food.

As for is an Easter bread and would be hard to find this time of the year...

What would help is if you told us what part of Greece your family went to. The northerners and the southners each call it the same but make it different.

5th element - any thoughts?

This means nothing -- Sotto Sotto, Sassafraz, Bristro 990 are also also on the Film Fest list but that doesn't mean I'll go to them... it just means that they can sell liquor till 4 am

(Of course, to take nothing away from place, I've haven't been nor heard much about it..)

Looking for place to hold wedding shower

Sorry, more info is need....

We are looking at about 100-120 (give or take) and both sides are going to split the tab

Looking for place to hold wedding shower

Hi all,

I am looking for a venue, most likely a sit-down/private room, within the next 4 months to hold a wedding shower which will have some of the following:

1) A menu (perferably Southern European - so no Chinese, Korean, Indian) which will please the older generation of ladies as well as the younger. Cost per person isn't totally a big factor (as long as it resonable for what we would get overall)

2)Location doesn't really matter as long as there is parking and it's easy to get to. (oh, and it will be held on a Sunday afternoon)

We are trying to get away from the traditional banquet hall locations so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Summerlicious Reviews

I had a wonderful dining experience at Lolita's Lust on the Danforth last Friday.

First off, we ended up have to add 2 more people to our table -- not a problem.

The portions were acceptable and the meal was wonderfully cooked. And what seems to be a trend with desserts at almost all places, the cake did seem to be cut out of a Sara Lee box (I personally liked it and had no problem but others did). Mind you, their chocolate mousse was good too.

And lastly, our waiter was just amazing. He was flirtatious with the ladies and cool with the men (that’s a good way to ensure you’ll be tipped well at the end ;). He constantly re-filled our water glasses and bread basket (well it was a plate) without us asking despite the fact that his section was packed.

The only thing I could complain about was the fact that we were seated in the back, whereas I would have prefered a patio table

This was one of the best “licious” experience I had in a while.

LA Hound visiting Toronto, check list and need more recommendations.

Just a quick note, Le Select Bistro has move over to 432 Wellington St, one block south of King and just west of Spadina Ave

LA Hound visiting Toronto, check list and need more recommendations.

Just a word of warning.... You would have to get up pretty early if you would want breakfast at Bagel World and Gryfe's. While the other places you have in mind are located downtown and within walking distance, those two places are way,way uptown -- a good 40 minutes by TTC subway or if you are very adventurous, 45 mins by taking the Bathurst bus straight up. I should know, I live near both those places and years of experience travelling downtown and back home at all hours of the day.

While Bagel World has more of a sit-down restaurant feel with assortment(I'm guessing, haven't been there in years), Gryfe's is very small and busy "bakery" (they only make small bagels)and in my humble opinion, they have the best in Toronto.

But pinstripeprincess' and Juniper's suggestions regarding the downtown locations are pretty good.

Visiting your great city...Help!

Or if you can, just walk an extra 5-10 minutes and go to the orignal Ginger, just south of Bloor St on Yonge, same side (way better food). Queen St W. is loaded with all types of restaurants, as well, so is King St past University (5 min cab ride or 15-20 minute walk). Chinatown, in the Dundas/Spadina offers great selections.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is walk and see :)

Enjoy your stay and let us know what else you've discovered.