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Best Chinatown eats?

I tried their wonton noodle soup today and I'm sad to say that if I was judging the place solely on this dish, I wouldn't go back. The broth was pretty tasteless and the wontons were oversized and oversalted. It's better executed at Swatow.

Luckily, I'm really interested in this Singapore-style turnip cake dish so I'll be back there soon!

Best Chinatown eats?

szw, justsayin: any specific recommendations to try at House of Gourmet, other than the wontons mentioned above? I've walked by this place many times but wouldn't have thought to go in. Might try to drop by next week. Thanks in advance!

Vietnamese food : which one?

I haven't been to Kim Bo but you can count me in as a big fan of Anh Dao's bun. I'll usually get #124, which comes with bbq pork and spring rolls (with pork and tarro, I think, though the tarro flavour doesn't really come through). Great balance of noodles, meat, veggies and herbs.

Good places for a group near queen and university

Queen Mother seems appropriate for the group you're describing. As a bonus, if you're dining out on Tuesday (tomorrow), they're donating 34% of their sales that day to an arts organization to celebrate their 34th anniversary. Saw it on their homepage.

ISO Valhrona cocoa powder

Also at St. Lawrence market are two bulk goods retailers in the basement who sell Valhrona cocoa powder (in packaged bags and in bulk, I believe). One is called Domino's and the other is nearby, right across from Rube's rice.

Thanks Toronto Hounds--trip report

This is a great reminder to go check out Black Hoof again. Thanks for the trip report!

Winterlicious 2012 menus are out - anything CH worthy?

I realize that Winterlicious 2012 has come and gone but I'm hoping my thoughts on Red's Bistro will help someone out next year.

I went for a $20 lunch at Red's Bistro with a couple of coworkers on the last day of Winterlicious and thought that it was a great experience overall. Service was a bit sloppy (e.g. they had dinner menus out instead of lunch) and our server was a bit absent-minded but no major gaffes.

In terms of the food, we all started with the spinach salad with smoked duck and a generous sprinkling of toasted pine nuts. Tasty combo - we all cleaned our plates. Then, we had a main course of seared scallops and pumpkin risotto, which was garnished with an apple chutney and toasted pumpkin seeds. This was an inspired combination and I may try to replicate it at home! Loved how the acidity of the apple chutney cut through the richness and sweetness of the pumpkin risotto. Solid value for a main dish.

Lastly, I had the panna cotta tasting which was a great way to end the meal. Three shot glasses were filled with three types of panna cotta - strawberry, lemon and chocolate hazelnut. Texture was smooth and creamy and the flavours were true to their descriptions.

I've had lunch at Red's Bistro outside of Winterlicious and while the portion sizes are slightly smaller (e.g. instead of three massive scallops, the Winterlicious dish had maybe 1.5 of those massive scallops sliced in half horizontally), the value is still there. And the food's yummy.

Soba Tuesdays

All of this talk is making me very curious. I'll have to check it out next week!

Yours Truly - new restaurant on Ossington

It's a good article that clarifies the genesis of the restaurant. Apparently it was initially supposed to be a late night snack type place. However, the owners were blown away by the caliber of chef they managed to attract and gave him the freedom to express himself via the prix fixe menu. I can't wait to check this place out.

2.5kg bags of Lindt couverture wafers are $15.75 at Sears Eaton Centre (ends today)

My boyfriend went over to Sears after work and grabbed the last back of dark chocolate for me. He said that there were two milk chocolate and one white chocolate bags left at that point. Thanks for posting such a great deal! I'm excited to do some baking and chocolate work.


Have to say I agree with the review. I went to Fusilli back in August before watching the Cirque show. My expectation was that I'd be enjoying a simple meal at a neighbourhood restaurant but I was very underwhelmed, even with a group-buying coupon.

Bruschetta was offered as it was to JennaBean but we declined after asking whether it was on the house. The caprese salad was basic but decent. The Pasta Con Salsiccia was forgettable.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

A bowl of bun at Anh Dao... tasty & well-portioned.
A bowl of katsu don at Ematei... comes with miso soup & side salad. Large enough to maybe even last for two meals.

Sultan's Tent or other Ideas?

Haven't been to Sultan's Tent myself so can't comment on it. If you can be more specific about what you're looking for (neighbourhood? budget? cuisine? atmosphere?) more people might be able to help.

Based on the location, you're close to:
- Paganelli's
- Swish by Han
- Origin

Dinner in Kingston

Woodenhead's is certainly a good option. You should consider AquaTerra if you want something a little more upscale but still with a reasonably priced wine list.

family-friendly good eats near Queen's Quay

I agree that the area doesn't have great options for food. For a bakery, you could head north to King & Yonge and grabbing something from Petit Thuet. At St. Lawrence Market, there's Stone Mill Bakery downstairs. I find that most of their stuff is just ok but I really enjoy their olive bread and multi-grain loaf.

Swatow's wonton mein

Went for a quick bite at Swatow recently and remembered this post. Had the wonton noodles which were exactly as described by aser. Thanks!

The Beast's "Beast 120" menu: great way to snack or have an early dinner!

I'm with you on the lamb ribs. I wasn't a huge fan - they were on the dry side with chunks of fat / gristle (though there was still enough meat on the bone to eat).

I did, however, really love the dirty rice balls. They were basically risotto balls with cajun seasoning - mine were definitely not bland and actually quite yummy.

The Beast's "Beast 120" menu: great way to snack or have an early dinner!

I was there tonight and had a great time. Arrived at 6:15pm and there were only two other tables. Over the course of the hour, the place filled up.

What a great value! The drink list features Ontario wines from better-than-average Niagara vineyards like Lailey and Stratus. Wines are 5oz pours for $5 - awesome. The most of the food comes portioned to it's easily split between two people (e.g. two lamb ribs, two dirty rice balls). The food was all good and the price made it great.

One night/morning of eating - Thanks Hounders

Thanks for the report. That Black Hoof dessert sounds delicious!

Recommendation needed for Vancouverite invading Toronto

Don't know what the pizza scene is like in Vancouver but you could do Pizzeria Libretto's dinner prix fixe ($25+tax, tip). Bustling & lively atmosphere.

ISO ground and/or blanched hazelnuts

Domino's, the bulk store in the back corner of St Lawrence Market, sells blanched and (I think) ground hazelnuts as well. It's generally a great source of bulk goods.

Top 3 Szechuan

Unfortunately I've tried Spadina Garden before and it's not what I'm looking for. The flavours are too weak (or oddly, too sweet, in some cases).

Spadina Garden Restaurant
116 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G1C3, CA

Can we revisit the PATH?

Just want to add another "thank you" for sharing this lunch tip with everyone - would never have found it on my own. $6 for a huge bowl of food is a great deal and it's tasty and healthy to boot. Noodles are a bit overcooked for my preferences but everything else about the dish is great.

Top 3 Szechuan

Thanks szw. I'll make a note to check it out in the next few weeks and let you know. I found this thread on dishes at Sichuan House: Anything in particular you'd recommend I order?

4 day trip to Toronto - suggestions for must-eats?

Prima, this is a great list. Might just bookmark it for myself as a reminder of all of the things TO has to offer.

Ematei - Any recent visits?

I'll drop by once in a while for lunch and would agree that I don't go for the sushi or sashimi.

I really enjoy the donburi bowls - it's pure comfort food and they're very generous with the portions.

Top 3 Szechuan

Can anyone recommend a serious Szechuan place downtown, or at least one which is accessible via TTC? It would be much appreciated!

Superb food near Union Station?

Superb food near Union Station?

Take a look at their menu and see what you think:

I've gone with vegetarian friends before who sampled the jap chae, tofu, kimchied pears and mushroom salad. The pears and the mushroom salad shared the same salad base so I'd advise against getting both, but otherwise, there should be enough variety in the menu.

Superb food near Union Station?

Both of these places have vegetarian options:

Not within easy walking distance (~25min walk from Union): If you like Kazu in Montreal, you'll LOVE Guu here in Toronto. It's a great Japanese izakaya and you don't really have that in Montreal.

Within walking distance: Swish by Haan, which provides a modern take on Korean cuisine. Not your average mom & pop Korean place. Love the yuzu tea, spicy pork neck tacos, and lobster bibimbap (though a bit short on the lobster).