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Reviews for Profile Event Center please!

You all gave me wonderful ideas for reception areas and one we are considering is the Profile Event Center, right off of University. Has anyone ever been to a reception there/ planned an event there?

Reception advice needed for a large Minneapolis wedding

My fiance and I are beginning to plan our Fall 2011 wedding and are having trouble finding a great reception spot. We're not SUPER picky but here's the criteria we're *trying* to meet:

- has an outdoor space (large terrace, deck, etc), or is outside and would allow us to rent a large tent to put up so we didn't have to worry about the weather
- isn't ridiculously expensive. We know we'll have to pay a pretty penny to have a nice reception in MSP, but we'd like to keep it somewhere around $8-10,000.
- can accommodate btwn 300-400 people (dining, not just for the dancing part)

We had thought of Calhoun Beach Club, but I can't seem to find out how expensive they are.... we also had read about the St. Anthony Main Event Center. Does anyone have any thoughts/reviews of these places? Or any other suggestions? Anything would be appreciated!