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Best fried chicken in LA? where is it?

I'm an Army guy who has traveled extensively through the dirty South in search of great fried chicken. I have INTERROGATED locals for this highly-prized information. Places like Gladys Knights in Atlanta, Willie Mae's in New Orleans, and Greyhound Tavern off Dixie Highway in Northern Kentucky. I've HAD the best fried chicken. When I moved back to Los Angeles I searched high and low for chicken that can match what I had in the South. I went to the now defunct GRIFFINS and JACOBS and ALL of the places the Black folks in L.A. love but nothing really quite cut it UNTIL I visited a hole in the wall place in a North Long Beach ghetto. CHICKY FRIED CHICKEN is as good as ANY FRIED/BROASTED chicken I had in the dirty South. Good GOD. I have FOUND IT! Huge pieces of MEATY, TENDER (not fatty), JUICY BROASTED CHICKEN that squirts its delectable love juices with every bite. I'm sorry if I sound PORNO but this is BETTER THAN SEX. All of the places listed below do NOT compare. I DARE you take the drive to N. Long Beach. You WILL have a MOUTH-GASM.

Chicky Fried Chicken Broasted
5104 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805

May 20, 2010
ktokusa1 in Los Angeles Area