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breakfast in old montreal

any good places for good old eggs & bacon type of breakfast in the old port area?

Jun 28, 2009
fact81 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Rehoboth Beach mid-price restaurants?

Cactus Cafe in Rt. 54

Jun 27, 2009
fact81 in Mid-Atlantic

Another RSVP Complaint


Jun 25, 2009
fact81 in Not About Food

Good restaurantes in Rahway/Carteret/Port Reading Area??

Hey kids,

Looking to find a nice restaurante to take a date in the Rahway/Carteret/Port Reading Area? Doesnt matter much to me if its Italian or French etc etc, just would like some help!

Thanx much!

Rob H

Jun 24, 2009
fact81 in New Jersey

Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

Eds Tavern in Saddle Brook, NJ Its on Market Street. Cheapest beers you will find in Bergen County. $2.25 for any draft all day every day


Saddle Brook, New Jersey [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Sorry to tell you, but Que Pasta used to be decent,

In my opinion, total garbage now. I mean the food is worse than Olive Garden if you are Italian, service isn't bad, but more like the "Hurry up and eat and get out type"

Just went last week, yukkk

Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

Ronnienj4 - depends on your age ~


Looking for restaurants in Bergen County

Christians Steak House & Grill - Outwater Lane , Garfield NJ

Its a small place, almost cafeteria like set up. Not a romantic place at all, but if u want a solid meal (steak/burger/chicken) at around 6 or 7pm before you go to a place for drinks! This is it!!!!

Cosmo is the guy who runs it, I don't know what the hell he puts in or on his steaks, but by far and i mean BY FAR the best Rib Eye or any steak I have ever had!!!! Very reasonable prices. You can bring your own beer/wine as well!!!!!!!

Steak, cheeseburgers and barbaque chicken are simply ridiculous!
Good luck!

Myrtle Beach, SC Where do we eat??

Thank you both very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 07, 2007
fact81 in General South Archive

Myrtle Beach, SC Where do we eat??

Hey guys, new to the boards but my mother apparently is a regular around here.

I am visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from August 18th-25th. w/ my girlfriend.

We are in our mid 20's and just wondering if anyone knows any solid places to eat?

Steak/Burger Joints?

If anyone could reccomend anything, it would greatly appreciated!

Thank you much:)

Rob H

Aug 06, 2007
fact81 in General South Archive