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Casual in Quebec City with picky kids, British mom but I like food,

I am headed to Quebec City this afternoon after getting amazing tips from this board for Montreal. Now I am hoping to find some casual but tasty places to satisfy picky American children and a British mom. Chowhound so far has saved my trip!

Coming to Montreal with two young kids and my mother. Please help me find acouple good lunch and dinner options.

Chowhounders, please help. I have two picky young American children and a British mother and I want to two casual places for lunch and two fun places for dinner. I love great food. The trick is finding somewhere where I can find good food with a fun stmosphere but will satisfy the rest of them. Suggestions so appreciated. I was thinking a Gastropob might be the solution but have never been before. I am very excited to see Montreal.

Help. At a downtown hotel with 2 kids--where should I eat?

You guys are amazing. Thanks so much

Help. At a downtown hotel with 2 kids--where should I eat?

Please help! I am staying by the aquarium. Any tips for breakfast and dinner would be so appreciated. I am looking for casual but good food. Can't take any more Marriot food.
Signed a desperate Ny mom

what is a great restaurant very near NYU to meet a friend for a late dinner?

I am looking for recs for restaurants near NYU, north end of Washington Square. I am not a big fan of Babbo or Lupa, was hoping for recs of restuarants somewhere between 5th and 6th Avenue but can wander further afield for a great spot. Cost and cuisine dont really matter--just looking for a good food and good atmosphere to catch up with old friend.

Thanks for any tips.

170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

110 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10011

May 20, 2010
minxiesmomma in Manhattan