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Peking Duck recommedations:

My brother just had the Peking Duck at Pings and really enjoed it.

May 06, 2013
LuvsBBQ in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Prairie Alehouse in Eden Prairie

Been a while since we were here and three of us went last night for drinks and snacks. We had three different flavors of wings - I'd suggest sticking with the buffalo style. They were cooked perfectly - nothing crazy but very good.

We also had the cheese curds. They were very light almost tempura like and again very good. The cook made some chinese mustard for us and the combination was great. The service was great and the drinks were very good. We'll be back. They are no longer open for lunch - we left around 10 pm and the place was pretty busy.

Jul 14, 2011
LuvsBBQ in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Parma 8200

Went a week ago and had the best bruschetta I've ever eaten! After a nice martini and the appetizer we were really looking forward to the main course.

We had the pot roast and the penne with vodka sauce and chicken. Pot roast was interesting - cooked really well but the spices were a bit too crazy for me? The vodka sauce was not good and would not suggest it.

We will be back from more bruschetta and cocktails in the bar.

Feb 09, 2011
LuvsBBQ in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Prairie Alehouse in Eden Prairie

First visit - I'm going to give the place a C-.

I had the meatloaf sandwich with onion rings. Meatloaf was average at best - nothing special - bacon wrapped part was soggy. Rings were very good - but a bit expensive at a $2 upcharge for 3 rings.

The boss had a grilled cheese with onion and egg. It was OK.

Our daughter had a hot dog and fries - the dog was very good - the bun tasted dry and old. The fries were OK.

With a beer - for the three of us - the bill was $36 + tip.

I'm dissapointed - I was really excited to see this open up. Not sure I'll be back.

Dec 21, 2010
LuvsBBQ in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for best BBQ brisket

I stopped by the Dickey's in Shakopee last week. I was pleasantly surprised by the brisket. You can order it chopped or sliced and it actually had a smoke ring on it. The ribs weren't too bad either - kind of reminded me of the ribs at Bakers. They must use some oak for the smoking.

Dickey's Bbq Pit
11631 Fountains Dr, Maple Grove, MN 55369

May 20, 2010
LuvsBBQ in Minneapolis-St. Paul