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Restaurant recommendations for Annapolis?

Buddy's is a terrible place. The food is horrible and the atmosphere is worse. It is a tourist trap.

Just moved to Annapolis

Point taken it is likely the best in the area. Although, has anyone been to Cafe Bretton Lately? I have not been in a couple of years, but have had some enjoyable meals there. It has probably slipped like all places in the area.

I have really tried to like them, but find the food to be good, but very heavy. I have gone four times, so this is just not based upon one bad experience. I have also gone with different people who had the same impression. I would not call my expereinces bad, just not to my expectations. For the price, I think the food should be better. On my first visit the service was terrible, but they seemed to have worked that out. I do really like the dinner rolls and the dessert.

I guess my opinion belongs in the "places everyone likes but you" post. I just think the place gets praise because there is no decent place to eat in the area. Maybe I am overly critical because of my high hopes based upon the owner's resumes.

Anyway report back it you try it and like it.

Just moved to Annapolis

Better than anything in Annapolis is hardly a raving endorsement. I think it is another example of a place in the area that misses the mark. It is average and far inferior to DC and New York.

Just moved to Annapolis

I think you will be disapointed in Cynthia's in Severna Park. The food is heavy and pretty average. The dessert is what makes the place.

Just moved to Annapolis

Welcome. I think you will find the restaurants in the area will be disappointing. And yes get used to crab cakes. The problem with Annapolis is that it is so inconsistent. You could have a great meal one night and terrible the next. My favorite meal in the area is sushi at Kyoto in Severna Park.

The Updated Equinox

Yep, I agree. Pretty good, but not worth the price.

ISO Duck Breasts in Annapolis or near Capital Hill DC

Whole Foods in Annapolis usually has them and if not the Butcher's Block on Riva across from the farmers market can get them if they do not have them.

Bebo - Bad Experience

We were visiting some friends in the area Saturday night and decided to give it a try. Knowing full well what I was getting myself into we approached the place with an open mind. I have to say this was some of the worst service I have ever experienced. From no one at the front to seat people to a waiter who was clueless we could only laugh after all the missteps. We had finally had it when half of our meals came out wrong. It seemed like the place was staffed with people who have never worked in a restaurant. The food that came out right was actually quite good, but wow what a mess.

Cynthia's Severna Park

The place is good, but not really standout in my opinion. The food is very heavy.

Arundel Mills Mall area Fri nite

I used to go to Frank's when I worked in Annapolis Junction. I always thought it was just okay.

Arundel Mills Mall area Fri nite

Little Spice is really the best place in the area. For directly in the mall Chevy's is not bad for chain mexican.

Pre-Show meal in Annapolis

The space is still swank, now the food is actually good. Jerry's at the Metropolitan is what it is now called I think. I have to say I find Luna Blu to be pretty average. The service can also be slow if you are in a hurry. Last time I was there I had a truly awful risotto. The Purple Tooth just does wine and cheese. If you like seafood go to Jerry's. They will be happy to serve you in your casual attire. We went a few weeks ago and really liked the offering, but not cheap.

I agree kyma is just plain awful. I have tried to like it, but it is just barely passable at best. If you want mexican El Toro Bravo is there. Also pretty average, but would fit the bill if you are in the mood for that kind of place. Since thai and Sushi are out I guess Lemongrass and Phad Thai will not work, but they are decent for what it is worth.

Another option would be to go to Tsunami and order the non-sushi items. I always get sushi, but friends have been pretty happy with other dishes.

That pretty much covers the West street offerings for walking to Ram's Head. As you probably already know the food at Ram's Head is pretty bad, so venturing to the surrounding areas is a good bet. A bit further down West, a far slightly iffy walk, gets you to the new Park Place complex with some chain offerings. Morton's speaks for itself, and Fado's has it's fans.

Enjoy and report back on your findings.

Pizza and Beer in BWI/Glen Burnie/Pasadena

Anyone else been? this place is near my office and I am wondering if it is a good space for lunch, or just take out.

Recommendations in Annapolis

Jerry's Seafood is now on West Street in the Metropolitian space. We went a few weeks ago and I think they have the best crab cakes for downtown Annapolis. I like them better than Carroll's Creek, which to me is stuffy. I know others will disagree. Carroll's is good for brunch with a view, but a special dinner, not really. You can have a good seafood dinner at Jerry's and head to the roof top bar for drinks, or down a block to the Purple Tooth wine bar. To be honest I might stay on West street instead. The new bars and restaurants in the area are the hip spots right now. Avoid Kyma and Luna Blue if you head to that strip. They are not very good.

Wahtever you do, don't even think about going to Buddy's. Harry Browne's is off my list ever since I got treated poorly by a rude server. I also agree that it is a bit old school and I find the food to be pretty boring but solid.

Pizza and Beer in BWI/Glen Burnie/Pasadena

You are not being a pain, you just know what you want. Sorry I can't honestly think of a single place that would fit the bill for you. Good pizza is hard enough to find in MD, much less in the BWI/Burnie/Pasadena area. Throw in the appropriate atmosphere and you have a real needle in a haystack delimma. I feel you pain, Mama lucia is not that great and not really a good hang out place either. Maybe someone will chime in. if you head into Baltimore I am sure it will open up a few more choices.

Pizza and Beer in BWI/Glen Burnie/Pasadena

Ok, well a dive bar with passable pizza should not be too hard to find in the Burnie. I fact, I think Bamboo Bernie's in Pasadena makes what they bill as fresh dough pizza. I have never tried it myself. I get roped into going to the place once in a while becasue a friend of a friend is in the band that performs Thursday nights. No old men playing checkers, but a colorful crowd to be sure.

Pizza and Beer in BWI/Glen Burnie/Pasadena

Maybe try Bella Napoli in Pasadena.

Best Crabcake in Baltimore area

Just last week.

Best Crabcake in Baltimore area

Just had the crab bomb at the New Jerry's in Annapolis. Very good and it rivals any crabcake around. My personal favorite is at Annapolis seafood market, but for sit down, Jerry's is a great crab cake.

The Updated Equinox

We went a few weeks ago and the space is lovely. The only complaint I had about the decor is that a large flower arrangement was behind us and the strong smell from the flowers caused us to do musical chairs as it was making it hard to enjoy our wine and food. I typically would not complain about this type of thing, but these flowers were very strong. I was a bit surprised that they would have something like this as odors from candles and flowers are typically a restaurant no-no.

The food was good with a few hits and some big misses. The silky egg noodles with osso bucco and bone marrow jus was good, but the fact that the osso bucco had to be cut with a knife was a big miss for me. I was expecting tender pieces. The Gnocchi, crab cake and fried oysters were very good. All and all I would say the food was good, but nothing was just hitting it out of the park and for those prices I would expect it to be better. I know it has the potential because some of the dishes could have been great with a bit of tweeking. I can go to Palena for less money and be blown away, so they either need to up their game or lower their prices.

One other peeve of mine was exhibited in the wine service. I ordered a 2004 Napa cab and was presented with a 2005. When I asked for the 2004 they got it. I don't know if the server just did not know or if they are trying to pass off the 2005 to customers who do not know the difference. I personally hate when one vintage is listed on the menu and they bring out another without acknowledging that it is different and if there is a price difference. Otherwise the service was top notch.

Wash DC International Wine Festival 3/1-3/2

Right, the crowds do get out of hand and pretty much render the whole experience useless within a couple of hours of opening. Last year there was no food to speak of unless you consider pretzels and cheese samples food.

New Jerry's Seafood

It may turn out to be, but I have not had a chance to try it yet. If it is like their other locations it will probably be a good place for your to recommend. Funny that the downtown area of annapolis really does not have good crab cakes. I would also point people to Galway Bay on Maryland. They do a good crab cake.

Annapolis Favorites and Updates

Yep, Galway is a great palce. They also have a place in Davidsonville and a place in Severna Park.

Blue Sea Grill? Anyone been? (baltimore)

Certainly not a destination place, but solid and good if you are in the neighborhood.


I have eaten at Cinghiale twice. Once when Stefano was there and once after he left. I can say that that portion size was not the only issue, but added insult to injury. I have eaten at many fine places in DC and nationwide and can honestly say I thought the portions were a bit skimpy at first. I get more food per portion from the CityZen tasting menu than Chingale was putting out early on for a three course offering. The food is just not all that good or consistant for the price. Seems like they have adjusted the portions from when it first opened, now they need to work on the food a bit more to make it really great. I think it can be great and they need to work on their issues.

Pizza on the plane [moved from Chicago]

I agree with Jfood. I have smelled a lot worse on planes than pizza. Put it under your seat and enjoy.

Feb 18, 2008
Annapolis07 in Not About Food

Best restaurant bread

Funny, My husband feels the same way. He actually told the server to leave two for him when he came around the second time with the bread.

Best restaurant bread

Not quite Baltimore, But the Guggenheim rolls at Cynthia's in Severna Park are to die for. The desserts there are also great, but the rest of the food is just ok.

Equinox tonight

I hope they are open. I made reservations on open table. I will certainly report back on the experience.

Pizza on the plane [moved from Chicago]

I saw some people bringing Giordano's pies on a plane when I flew through O'Hare a few weeks ago. As long as the screener does not determine that your pie is some type of liquid you should be fine.

Feb 15, 2008
Annapolis07 in Not About Food