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Trendy restaurants in Scarborough

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for trendy/hip restaurants in Scarborough? When friends and I grab dinner in that area, we usually end up at chain restaurants (Moxies, Cafe Mirage, Spring rolls). Any other suggestions? Ideally non-chain restaurants, but if your recommended spot is a chain, that's ok - just looking for some new ideas!

Mirage Grill & Lounge - CLOSED
4841 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M2N 5X2, CA

Best restaurant in Yorkville for a business dinner?

Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions! We ended up going to One, which was perfect for our needs. I would highly recommend One for a business dinner - everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it had a great atmosphere, good food .. The patio looked nice as well, so I would try and get a table on the patio next time. Overall it was a great evening. Thanks again for the suggestions!

The best of Markham and Richmond Hill

Gal's sushi at Hwy 7 and Warden has good Japanese/Korean food at reasonable prices. The $7.99 lunch special bento boxes are a great deal!

Scarborough Gems

Do they have a good garlic sauce at Shawarma Empire?

Shawarma Empire
1823 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Y3, CA

Best Place to eat near Keneddy and Mcnicol area?

Lemongrass at Midland and Steeles (in the No Frills plaza) has decent Thai food at good prices, and lots of variety.

For "non-asian" cuisine I recommend Orchid Garden, which is the restaurant in Agincourt mall at Kennedy and Sheppard. The restaurant is nothing fancy, but specifically the hot roast beef (prime rib) sandwich is superb!!

Best restaurant in Yorkville for a business dinner?

What is the best restaurant in Yorkville for a business dinner with associates from out of town? Looking for something pretty high end, with outstanding food and atmosphere. Not sure what their tastes are, so it will need to be somewhere that would appeal to most people.