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Royce Nama Chocolate - Maccha flavour

You won't find it in Toronto or the US or generally outside of Japan. I think a few places might have some of Royce's straight chocolate but not the Nama bars. I only know about them because I was passing through a Tokyo airport and had a several hour layover. I bought a couple and loved them when I got home to DC and went looking for them and realized I should have bought more because they are a relatively small production company. Let me know if you find them anywhere.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

Oh ick, Buzz 'n Neds is waaaaay over-rated. If you want good BBQ and you are in the Richmond area, you go to a small smoker across from Millie's called Ronnie's Ribs,

Seriously the best ribs in the area and great sauce. The brisket is fantastic and the wings are great too. The pulled pork is ok, but nothing to write home about. This place is about meat though, not really about sides or any kind of veggies. I am from the DC area and when I go down to visit relatives, I order a rack of ribs and a pound or so of brisket to take back up with me.

Need a moist chocolate cake recipe ASAP

The single best moist chocolate cake recipe ever is on the back of the unsweetened Hershey's chocolate can (box, tin, whatever you want to call it). Usually I want desserts with butter and thick etc. but this one with oil and eggs without sifting or cake flour, does an awesomely moist, very chocolately, and super easy cake every time (i.e. please don't go for a box when from scratch is this easy). The mix is a little soupy so is not recommended for pans with removable bottoms. I know you said you don't want to buy cocoa but seriously, I have tried a lot of different chocolate cake recipes and have used others when I needed a cake that wasn't quite this moist, but it really does taste the best.