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Anniversary Dinner Suggestions for up in the northern hinterlands (aka the burbs)

Hi! I'm looking for some dinner suggestions for the Irving/Carrollton/Grapevine/Coppell/Lewisville/Southlake/Flower Mound general area. It's an anniversary dinner so I'd like something nice; however, one of us *ahem* doesn't own a suit or tie that's less than 15 yrs old. We'll call it sophisticated casual. Yeah. We've gone to our usual places in our nice little bubble, but I'd really like to venture out so to speak. It will be the same weekend as Main Street Days, so it would probably be best to avoid that area, or would it? Any ideas or suggestions would sure be appreciated.

Why isn't there a Trader Joe's in Dallas??

I was wondering if anyone knew the reason why there are no TJ's in the DFW area. I've heard that In N Out are on their way. Surely TJ's can't be far behind??? I know years ago, someone told me it was because of Whole Foods. I think TJs is completely different from TJ's and really don't understand why that would be the case. I'm just tired of lugging stuff in my suitcase every time I go home. :(

Anniversary Lunch Suggestions

For the money, I really expected something better. Everything on the menu seemed kind of heavy or cream laden. The salads didn't interest me either and the only soup was a cream of mushroom. I opted for a baked ziti with ricotta and grilled eggplant. The pasta tasted bagged (and undercooked), the sauce was non-descript, the ricotta (Precious no doubt since we saw a container in the kitchen) was unseasoned and the mozarella also tasted out of a bag. The eggplant though was the worst offender. The meal came with 3 measily little peeled rings of eggplant that had this awful charcoal taste. Seriously, I think I could have put the same meal together (using the same ingredients) and it would have been better. It was just really disappointing. The staff were very nice though.

Anniversary Lunch Suggestions

Thank you all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, my husband wanted to stay close to our "bubble" and the restaurant we chose was not so good. :( He wanted Italian so we opted for Amici in Carrollton. I wish we had just walked over to Agave Azul.

I am definitely going to try Rise & Aurora for lunch. Both look fantastic! Thanks again.

1022 S Broadway St, Carrollton, TX 75006

Anniversary Lunch Suggestions


We're looking for a good place to go for lunch to celebrate our anniversary. I know, usually you pick dinner, but child will be in school and we'll have the time during lunch. Preferably I'd like something non-chain, nice and we are open to type of cuisine. Some of the restaurants I've been wanting to try (Shinsei, Tei Tei, etc) seem to be closed for lunch. Any suggestions would be sooo welcome! :)

Tei Tei Restaurant
2906 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206