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Fuel: Lewiston ME

Mr. Wolf,

As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We really do care, and we will take any information we can for improvement.

Drink delivery - your label comment is noted. As for the other drinks, we have a 'no tray' policy here at Fuel, except under certain circumstances. Overall, I believe that it delivers a more personal touch, escpecially with entree delivery.

Your description of our tomato soup has prompted me to revisit the dish. We roast the tomatoes, then pass them through a chinois, but only once. We add very little cream, although that developed from customer feedback. In any event, I am having our kitchen look into it.

Additionally, I am going to ask for feedback from other guests on our bistro salad for our Steak Frites. It seems like a valid issue.

The ketchup - for the frites. When we opened our restaurant, we did not serve ketchup, available upon request. However, we found over 90% of the guests wanted it, so we automatically include it with the entree.

Finally, that was me with the Fuel t-shirt at the bar. (Kind of a dress down night for sure) The reason I was at the bar, and not visiting all tables (which I very much like to do, its the best way to hear about how we are doing) is that we are revamping our wine list, and I was working on that. I was pretty caught up in it, although I have to say that tasting new wines is not a bad part of the job.

Again, thank you for the time you spent to write down your thoughts, we are listening, and appreciate it.

Eric Agren
Fuel Restaurant

Fuel: Lewiston ME

SaltedHerb -

Due to the nature of the online gift certificate secuirty features (bar coding, etc.), I could not reprint the gift certificate you bought online. We were using an outside company for this service, as we felt it was better than nothing as far as convenience for our customers.

We have now built the system internally, and manage the whole process here at Fuel. So, in the future, all customers will get a hard card stock, in-house printed certificate.

Thank you for the feedback. We totally agreed with you. That is why we paid our software developer to build the system so we could manage it in-house.

Eric Agren
Fuel Restaurant

Fuel: Lewiston ME


First off, I want everyone to know that I am the owner of Fuel. As a concerned owner, I visit Chowhound often, looking for feedback. After posting a detailed response, and then reading the guidelines, I wanted to post a modified response, that exclusivley addresses some miscommunication.

As you mentioned, Lisbon street is not what it used to be. However, I want to clarify that it does not have any substance abuse centers (I verified this with City Hall), and one storefront ministry. Its mostly upscale law offices, sandwich shops, and vacant buildings. We believe the opportunity for renewal is significant, and are proud to be part of that movement.

I am sorry to hear about the Coq au Vin. Again, just to clarify, our onions are frozen, peeled pearl onions. They are not bottled or canned, just frozen. We had much larger ones a month ago, but customer after customer asked for smaller ones, and we changed them. I see your point, however, they are pretty small vs. the mushrooms. Finally, all of our sauces are made here, from scratch, in the traditional French manner. The sauce was the reduced cooking braise from the chicken, with no thickeners. Obsivously, it was reduced too much. And the smoky taste came from Nieman Ranch, naturally smoked bacon that we add to the sauce. We are reviewing and re-tasting the dish this week, in response to your review.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify these points.

Eric Agren
Fuel Restaurant