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High end caterer on down east coast.

I just happened to be surfing through the boards and saw your post and think I may be able to help. This is a link to a excellent local party rental company's 'Links' page. It has most of the best caterers in Maine on that list.

Hope this helps!!!

Cheap/Inexpensive Dinner in Portland, ME

Hi All!

I am still new to the city and am looking for inexpensive places for dinner (or any meal out) in or around Portland Maine.

A lot of the suggestions on the forum are great but Fore Street, 555, and Ciaolas are very expensive and not for us regular folk on a budget. :)

Thanks for the help! Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Have a great summer!

Best Chinese Food in Portland, ME???

Hi All!

Please help!

I moved to Portland 2 years ago from New York and have yet to find great chinese food. I have found decent but not great. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I have been spoiled by whole life with great chinese food in my hometown and love it!

Thank you in advance!