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Irie Eat's in Kinston?

Has anyone tried Irie Eat's Cafe in Kinston, or the owners' previous Jamaican cafe at the corner of Queen and Shine?

Jul 24, 2012
sarahbryan in Southeast

Wilson NC southern/soul restaurant

Hey all,
No, it definitely wasn't Mitchell's -- I would have remembered that. Naco, Whole Truth Lunch is a great bet, that sounds like what this place would have been called--but I just looked it up on google maps, and at least the location they list currently isn't the place I'm thinking of. Well, this was a few years ago--maybe it was only open briefly.

Dec 14, 2011
sarahbryan in Southeast

Wilson NC southern/soul restaurant

Thanks for brainstorming about it. I don't think this place identified itself as a barbeque joint...

Dec 12, 2011
sarahbryan in Southeast

Wilson NC southern/soul restaurant

Hi folks -- I'm trying to identify an eatery I went to three years ago in Wilson. It was sort of on the outskirts of town, though in which direction I don't remember, and my recollection is that it was in an industrial building--not an obvious spot for a restaurant, that is. It was African American-owned and served country/"soul" cooking. Best collards I've ever eaten in my life. You go in the front door which opens directly into the dining room, and proceed to the next room, which has a counter area, with the food in the case as in the deli section of a grocery store; you point out what you'd like, and the ladies serve it for you. Extremely informal, and it looked like a lot of folks probably go there for carryout. It was absolutely delicious, and I would love to visit it again. Does this description ring a bell with any of you?
Sarah in Durham

Dec 11, 2011
sarahbryan in Southeast

Warrenton/Henderson/Halifax/Roanoke Rapids NC-area traditional foods

Hi everyone,

My organization is researching the heritage of Vance, Warren, and Halifax Counties in North Carolina. That's the area along the Virginia line generally between Interstates 85 and 95 (as well as quite a few communities on either side of the highways). It includes Henderson, Warrenton, Ridgeway, Norlina, Hollister, Halifax, Enfield, Roanoke Rapids, Weldon...

In addition to traditional music and craft, we're looking at agriculture, other occupational traditions...and food. Folks who know that area, what food traditions do we need to be sure to document? These could be favorite local recipes, crops, events, etc.

For instance, we're looking at...
German culinary heritage in Ridgeway
Haliwa-Saponi food traditions
Ridgeway cantaloupes
Resettlement Cafe, Tillery
brunswick stew
rockfish muddle/muttle

Other recommendations?
Thank you!

Oct 07, 2010
sarahbryan in Southeast

Durham - rumours of Kenyan food?

I live on the same block as Palace and have eaten there many times. I've only had the vegetarian dishes, but those are delicious. I brought a very devout gourmand to eat there once, and he said the tilapia was the best he'd ever had. I'm fondest of the groundnut soup. The collards are excellent too. Order water or beer to drink, though, as the coke is always stale. Other than that, high marks. The proprietress (Kenyan) and staff are all very nice.

Oct 07, 2010
sarahbryan in Southeast

The Thai Pantry

Can you recommend vegetarian alternatives to fish sauce? Thanks.

May 18, 2010
sarahbryan in Features