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Looking for someone with experience in Indian home cooking

I stumbled upon this blog by sheer accident. I am glad I did. Looks like someone has been looking for me. Thankyou TIGirl for already introducing me but let me explain something more about myself. I am Paromita Chatterjee and I give personalised classes on Indian Cuisine from my home in Palm Harbor, FL. My company's name is Flavors Of Landour. Please visit the website

The way it works is, you can either bring in a list of your dishes that you want to learn or I can suggest as per your needs and desires. We decide on date and time which is mutually acceptable. Prices are based on the kind and the number of sessions. Each workshop lasts a maximum of 2 hrs with 2 or 3 dishes. The participants get to have a hands on experience in cooking, learn the finer detials scientifically explained, and gets to know more about the dish beyond the recipe itself. All supplies are provided and the participants get to take home the cooked food.

So far I have held my workshops at my home kitchen with very small groups of people never exceeding 4 at a time. If required, personal classes can also be arranged.

I also write a newsletter each month based on my recent experience on food, particular spice or specific technique of cooking. If you want to get this newsletter, please email me at and I'll include you in my mailing list.

If anyone is interested in learning how to cook Indian Cuisine, please contact me by email written above or phone-727-388-3537. Looking forward to hearing from you and having you in my kitchen.

May 18, 2010
paromita in Florida