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Finest japanese-style sushi in DFW- not interested in americanized rolls. Suggestions?

Sushi Zushi is one of the better sushi places in town in my opinion - it has both more traditional and crazy americanized stuff. But basically, the quality of the fish is good and consistent - it is definitely not Sushi Sake but for in town it's one of the better options, alas. I especially like their chirashi. In fact that's about the only thing I usually get there (and ume shiso rolls which hardly anyone has on the menu, though you can ask of course). Plus they deliver. That story (above in twinwillow's post) is crazy - I do they open back up!

Finest japanese-style sushi in DFW- not interested in americanized rolls. Suggestions?

I generally agree with the recs so far but - there is a little shop on markville (right off 635) called Kazy's. They mostly wholesale fish to restaurants in town but they have a sushi bar and japanese grocery in there too. Very small. The sushi however is the most like what I've had in Japan of anywhere I've been in DFW.

best of

I really like Smoke - in Oak Cliff at the Belmont Hotel. It is not the "classic" experience it is a bit more gourmet but they do their own meat and its fabulous.

We've tried most of the steak houses and I think Del Frisco is my husband's favorite (and steak is his thing). I liked Pappas Brothers and Al Beirnat's is good too. I didn't much like Nick and Sam's - very nice atmosphere and trendy but maybe maintaining that is more important than the food? It's not bad of course but just not excellent either. Let me say he usually gets a rib eye, medium and I usually get a new york strip on the rare side. At Del Friscos though I had a veal... t-bone I think and it was awesome and very different.

Organic veg/food delivery: Greenling

Thanks for the review - they have ads up by 75 and I was wondering if they're any good! Maybe we'll try it.

Where to buy frog legs in DFW?

I second Hong Kong Market - or Asia World Market in Plano.

Birthday dinner in Oak Cliff

Tillman's is awesome too, if you want something nicer. Our favorite causal place has to be Eno's.

Reviews of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Tokyo

So we went to Sushi Yoshitake and had a wonderful meal! First, let me say it was hard to find - we took a cab because it was pouring rain and I am unfamiliar with Ginza and even the driver had trouble finding it. The name of the building (Suzuryu) is there in Hirigana but not very large!

Once inside we were greeted warmly and seated at the small bar. We had Sake to drink which was surprisingly included in the fixed price (21000 Yen per person). The meal started with a bowl of those small squid you see everywhere there with the whitish sauce but very fresh and rich. It was followed by three kinds of sahimi (octopus, whitefish and bonito) each with its own sauce. We also had a plate of abalone with asparagus and a sauce made from the abalone liver which was amazing and maybe the best thing we had. There was also marinated bonito and a bowl of tofu with crab and sea urchin, very fresh and delicate. This was followed by the sushi, served of course, one piece at a time. There were squid, two kinds of snapper (one "deep sea"), otoro and regular tuna, smoked salmon, mackerel, “baby snapper,” giant clam, shrimp and sea eel. The rice was a beautiful golden color, perhaps because of the vinegar? In any case it was amazing sushi and it was fascinating to watch the chefs make it. Finally we had a little bowl of crab bisque style miso soup, and green tea.

It was still raining when we left and they insisted we take an umbrella! It was very wonderful and we'd recommend it to anyone going to Tokyo who wants to try something special.

Apr 24, 2012
marsapalto in Japan

Reviews of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Tokyo

Well it sounds like you really enjoyed it! We are excited and I will report back on our experience there.

Mar 20, 2012
marsapalto in Japan

Reviews of Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Tokyo

We are soon going to be in Tokyo and have a reservation at Sushi Yoshitake, so I was disappointed not to see it on your list. Has anyone been there?

Mar 19, 2012
marsapalto in Japan

Sous Vide Corned Beef - Original Packaging?

All it needs to become Pastrami is to be coated in pepper and coriander and smoked. If its already cooked, you could smoke it briefly and I bet it would be fine (and at least close to "regular" pastrami).

Mar 15, 2012
marsapalto in Home Cooking

February 2012 Cookbook of the Month Companion Thread: Japanese Month

I love okinomiyaki! I've never made them from scratch though - sometimes the asian markets in the dallas area will have a mix and they have always come out delicious!

Feb 14, 2012
marsapalto in Home Cooking

Paula Deen Isn’t the Only Shill

It just seems worse to me to shill for drugs to manage the very illness caused by eating her food. Which she herself has, from eating her food. At least the other chefs were selling food.

Jan 20, 2012
marsapalto in Features

Which Coffeemaker to buy - Done with Keurig

we just got a mocha master as a wedding present, and it is amazing! They are super expensive though...

Jan 14, 2012
marsapalto in Cookware

Meringue Mushrooms

This recipe came out well. The mushrooms were very cute and pretty realistic and not difficult to do. The hardest part is getting the caps and stems together when the chocolate is firm enough to hold. I found that putting them in a mini-muffin tin while they set helped.

Dec 23, 2011
marsapalto in Recipes


That's pretty close too.. never been there! We'll have to try it.


hunh. weird. I never thought of them having great service I guess but I also never thought of it as lousy.


Ok - I saw Ku sushi the other day - its close to my house so I'll have to check it out!


Yeah - actually I would agree - I forgot about Sushi Sake ( I guess I was being literal when I said Dallas)! There's is probably better - and they have better sake choices too!


When I lived in New Orleans, nearly every sushi place had "Chirashi" on the menu - a bowl of rice with fish arranged on top - usually great variety and pretty economical too. (Kyoto's was particularly over the top, if anyone ever heads that way). Here is Dallas, Sushi Zushi seems to be the only place that has it, but I'm hoping to find some other places to try.

Anyone know of any?

Uncured green olives

I saw some at the Fiesta at Skillman/Abrams the other day, near the herbs and mushrooms.

Where to buy wild caught salmon

I'm looking for good wild caught salmon (to make smoked salmon for a gift) and wonder if anyone can suggest the best place to buy it?

We are going to check the fancy grocers (whole foods and central market) but any smaller fishmonger's out there that might be good and have fresh fish?