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Butchers and Farmer's Markets - Halifax

There HAS to be a butcher on the peninsula. Help!

Sep 25, 2008
gsjameson in Atlantic Canada

Where to Find Profiteroles for Sale

Hi, I have a need for profiteroles (I love never having to explain myself when I mention a completely absurd 'need' on this site) and cannot seem to find a bakery that sells them. I'm located around College and Ossington, so somewhere closer to there would be excellent, but any suggestions irrespective of geography would be appreciated.


Tabla vs. Amaya

Estufarian / Apprentice - Thanks! I'll have to get some Keema Naan then..

Tabla vs. Amaya

Is there any relation between Tabla New York and the one here? I missed out in NY and was hoping to try a Naanini while I was there...

Osgoode Hall dining room recently?

Certainly a great spot to reinforce 'the institution' on impressionable youth.

I was there in January and enjoyed it. The food was not expensive and not incredible (there's a value argument to be made), but the experience is truly something. 75% of the patrons are gowned and you're in this antique room - I can't remember what it was originally for - that is overflowing with a sense of history. In terms of unique dining experiences, I think it is a solid spot and a place that I'm itching to take a few summer law students when they arrive this summer.

I'm not sure how we generally appreciate the intangibles of dining here as chowhounders (usually it's excused for the food - here it's the opposite), but it makes this place quite worthwhile.

Also, you Harry Potter dorks out there should put this on your list.

Best Thai Restos in Toronto...

Ugh. Pad Ketchup. Total meal killer.

Apparently the Thai community in Toronto is only 2000 deep, which indicates to me that most of us have never, in fact, eaten Thai.



I've been there for lunch twice in the past two weeks. I've had the Apricot Curry, the Butternut Duck, and the Hot Pot Broth, all of which have been very good. Surprising amount of meal in these soups, and not in the rice / pasta / filler sort of way. They warm you up and taste great doing it.

The Biscuit and Jelly / Sauce is a nice touch.

Solid spot. But apparently I have said nothing that hasn't already been said on this post. Great work.

Microwave Use in Restaurants

I generally can tell when something has been microwaved - scrambled eggs at a breakfast joint, for example. Sometimes it affects flavour, but sometimes it does not. Regardless of whether it lowers the quality of a dish, it is something I am extremely critical of - even though it is faster and (probably) healthier than doing something on a grill, in water, etc.

It seems to be an increasing part of restaurant cooking culture. Cerca/Sysco actually sell 'mussels' that are flashfrozen and designed to be cooked by 10 minutes in a microwave at high power. While it allows restaurants to carry an item that is usually restricted by season, volume, and turnover, it also freaks me out like you wouldn't believe.

I would like to know how we all feel about microwaved foods in our restaurant experiences.

Feb 20, 2008
gsjameson in General Topics

Best Sandwiches in Toronto!!! Where are they?

Vinnie's Panini - to speed the wait time tell Vinnie how great Maradona was when he played for Napoli.

Black Camel - the happiest place in Toronto. Hands down.

Help for a group of 20 in Toronto for $20-5/person


that's phenomenal - I'll throw it to the family and let you know how our night goes.


Help for a group of 20 in Toronto for $20-5/person

I'm meeting up with family members on the 22nd for a holiday dinner. We don't need anything fancy, just good comfortable, reasonably priced food. I don't think there's any booze involved - not beyond a couple glasses of wine... It doesn't matter where it is, exactly, although some family members live on Corso Italia.

Please help, I'm in trouble if I don't find a place -- angry scottish grandma trouble...if you know what that ire looks like.


Authentic southern bbq in montreal

I guess they've fine-tuned since you were there. I was there and service (I don't know if you can call it that) was good. Very patient with a kid who doesn't like a lot of stuff with 'sauce' on it. It was almost kind of fun (sure, the cash girl is a little ascerbic, but I think it's been honed to the point of charm).

El Trompo

I went last weekend to El Trompo and it was faaantastic. And awesomely inexpensive. Great time, great service (and Augusta always seems to have this nice afternoon breeze when the rest of the city is sweltering, without a breath of moving air).