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New Gastropub - Birmingham

Just went for the first time last night. I have to say it is wonderful. The atmosphere is a little noisy but that doesn't take away from the delicious flavor of the food! I got the chicken and it was outstanding. I usually season up my food with salt but nothing I had needed it. It had a perfect blend of herbs and seasonings. We also had the cheese and crackers (homemade crackers) which was good and those little things that look like grapes are muscadines (yum!). My fiancee got the pub breakfast and it was heaven. When you get the bill, you are served with fresh swishy lemon drops. All desserts look hard to choose from but I was too full to eat it this time. Look forward to my next trip there and am glad they have opened up. Please go by and try. You won't be disappointed. Anna, Jeremy & Chris: hats off to you guys!

Sep 24, 2011
gummybear24 in Central South