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Twisted Lemon Cayuga

We were also quite impressed. We went on 'date nite' (Tuesday) and had a wonderful tasting menu with appropriate wine pairing., seated next to the open kitchen. There was also a Steak and Beer cooking class going on at the same time. Very friendly staff, all passioned about the food they serve. The food was exceptional, and lots of it too! (maybe a bit too much for my taste). A return trip is planned during summer vacation.

Birthday Dinner in Essaouira

We are just back from three weeks in Morocco and spent three days in Essaouira. Had a wonderful dinner at La Licorne. Candlelight dinner, very romantic and the food was quite good. Not a touristy place with a modern interpretation of the typical Moroccan cuisine.
At lunch you definitely have to try out the fresh grilled fish at the port...cooperative des pecheurs d'essaouira...we went twice at stand number 4.
Happy Birthday!