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Bayville weekday brunch?

Looking for a place that either has a weekday brunch menu or an early lunch menu in the Bayville area. Could be a little further west - like Glen Cove. Any great suggestions? Thanks!

Little Neck Shanghai and Taiwanese Cuisine Soup Dumpling restaurant

I echo everything lenore said. Beautiful restaurant, great service, fair food. We had one terrific dish, and one mediocre one. Soup not great. There are too many other restaurants opening up to go back there - try the Peruvian restaurant a few blocks west on Northern.

Jul 09, 2014
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Harvest Buffet Incarnation?

We went. It is a beautiful renovation, with incredibly attentive service. The food is another issue. They have some interesting dishes that you don't see everywhere; the prawns were spectacular, though pricey. However, some of the standard Chinese dishes were just fair. In general, a disappointment.

Jul 09, 2014
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Fairway coming to Queens?

According to the papers, this Fairway in Douglaston is due to open in November, 2011. Finally.

Oct 06, 2011
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Best bagels in Tristate area?

I don't care for them. Unfortunately, my daughter lives a couple of blocks from there, and she thinks they are the best bagels going. I know I've failed her in other ways, but I thought at least that I 'd taught her good bagels! LOL

Fairway coming to Queens?

According to the local weekly paper, the Little Neck Ledger, Fairway is slated to open in Douglaston in January. They applied for a variance to add 10,000 square feet to the Waldbaums and also to add an elevator. I assume the elevator is so that you'll be able to park on the upper level, which is a very good thing, as that parking lot is awful.

Really looking forward to it!

Jul 06, 2009
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Western Nassau for Kosher in-laws

I just had lunch at Tel Aviv, and was completely blown away! It is going to become one of my regular haunts. Amazing!! Neither my friend nor I is kosher, so I am not saying it is a great kosher restaurant - it is a great restaurant. Period. At least, lunch was wonderful.

They bring out a trio of dipping sauces - sweet (much like tamarind), and 2 different mildly hot ones, and wonderful home-made pita.

I had the sabich Iraqi which is a pita sandwich stuffed with eggplant, Israeli salad, mango pickle, hard boiled egg, and others, served with tahini sauce on the side. Absolutely delicious, and I really couldn't finish it - it was huge. But the price sure wasn't - $5.75!!

I will probably live there.

Open Christmas - Yonkers Bronxville Tuckahoe Mt Vernon area

Yuck. That is one of the worst diners around!

Patricia Murphy's in Yonkers

You weren't even allowed in that Northern Blvd Patricia Murphy's unless someone in your party used a walker. I remember it very well - none of us were disabled, but my mother loved the popovers. The waitresses really had a knack with older folks.

Dinner between LaGuardia and JFK?

I think the appetizers at Piccola Venezia are their strong point. Have aps and skip the entrees. Entrees are totally forgettable. Basically, I think the restaurant is highly overrated.

Dec 21, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

Just a side note - The Waldbaums in Douglaston is closing, and Fairway is moving in. Fairway just got permission from the planning board to expand the store. Sounds like it is a done deal.

Indian Restaurant, W. Nassau, E. Queens

Looking for a really good Indian restaurant around the city line. I know there are a lot of places in the Bellerose - Floral Park area, but can anyone recommend one? I would like to go on Mother's Day, and don't much feel like Jackson Heights.

Thanks, Alice

Indian Restaurant, Eastern Queens or W. Nassau

Looking for a really good Indian restaurant around the city line. Want to go Mother's Day. I know there are a whole bunch in the Bellerose-Floral Park area, but can anyone recommend one?

Thanks, Alice

May 09, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

I seem to consistently have divergent opinions from some of the regular posters, but here is my two cents anyway -

Pizza - Joe's on Marathon Pkwy in Little Neck (just South of the LIE)
Turkish - Kebab House on Northern Blvd.
Chinese - Harvest Buffet is surprisingly good, but if you don't feel like the self-serve aspect, Pearl East is a good solid 1960s Chinese restaurant
Bagels - Bagelman in what is now the HMart shopping center on Great Neck Rd at Northern Blvd. Their Egg Everything and Pumpernickel are both outstanding.
Trattoria Diane on Bryant Ave in Roslyn for a good solid meal

Restaurants that everyone else likes, and I won't go back to -
Ethos on Middle Neck Rd - snooty, bad service, and the food tasted nothing like the wonderful stuff I had all over Greece
Wild Ginger in Waldbaum's shopping center - I cannot deal with a restaurant that is unwilling to make substitutions. Too full of themselves. I asked for the Tuna to be served with a vegetable or salad instead of the delicious noodles (not on the diet of the moment) - Oh no, we cannot do that. Well, then, I cannot patronize a place that does not value its customers.
Tulip by the Post Office - was served mixed frozen vegetables. And when I ordered a fruit plate for dessert, I was served a sliced apple.
Seven Seas Diner - terrible. And unsanitary. Have gotten wadded up napkin in my tuna fish scoop, cigarette butt in my salad. Why would I go back?

LI Wedding Halls - What is a Foodie to do?

We went to a wedding at Land's End in Sayville, and I thought everything was wonderful. The setting is gorgeous, and the food was excellent.

I'm looking for a great bowl of chili in Westchester?

My husband really loves the Full Moon Chili at the Blue Moon in Bronxville. They have the Full Moon and something called Half Moon. Apparently, they are very different.

Got those kitchen renovation blues

Just wanted to echo Spring Asian on Gramatan in Mt. Vernon. I highly recommend the shrimp with honeydew melon, broccoli and walnuts. I don't remember what it is really called, but they are the biggest and best shrimp I have ever had. Alice

Best Diners in Westchester

I went to City Limits for the first time last week. Ordered a southwestern style hangar steak wrap. Was disappointed by the bland flavor, but the portion was huge. Came with a big pile of vegetable chips. Think if I ever returned I would concentrate on simpler dishes. Alice

Best bagels in Tristate area?

Wow, I read thru the whole thread - no one put up my favorite, so, though I have posted it elsewhere on this board, I am going to have to put in a nod for the pumpernickel and egg everything bagels at Bagelman in Great Neck. I'm an addict. Alice

Scandinavian style herring?

I have tried the herrings at Fairway - they are not what you get in Europe. Have not yet been to Nordic Delicacies yet.

Feb 16, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Chinese New Year - Nassau/Suffolk?

I had not ever heard of them. I will take a run by there and check out the menu. Thanks for the info.


Chinese New Year - Nassau/Suffolk?

Does anyone know of a good restaurant with a special menu for Chinese New Year? Queens is OK, too - but I would rather not deal with the parking in downtown Flushing. We want to go out with friends who live pretty far east on Long Island, so Western Suffolk, Nassau or Eastern Queens would be best.

Thanks, Alice

Any good Turkish food in Queens???

Adding my vote for Kebab House on Northern Blvd in Little Neck. Yes, it is a fairly small restaurant, but excellent food. We have been with friends who have lived in Turkey, and they assure us that it is the real deal.

Feb 01, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Diane's Trattoria, Woodbury or Roslyn

We just went to the Roslyn location for the first time last week. Just lovely. We went on a Sunday night and encountered their prix fixe dinner for $30. Appetizers were huge and delicious, and so were the entrees. And then, of course, I had to have dessert, since it was included. Service was fine. Only complaint - it was a really cold night, and when the door opened it was quite uncomfortable in the first floor dining room.


Scandinavian style herring?

We bought the Ikea herring - definitely NOT what you get in Sweden or Denmark. I will definitely try the Nordic Delicacies below next time I get to that area of Brooklyn. Thanks.

Jan 25, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Scandinavian style herring?

Since we were in the Scandinavian countries several years back, I have been trying to purchase Scandinavian style herring - very different from Vita, that's for sure! They have herring in a good light tomato sauce, also in curry sauce, and in mustard sauce, among other varieties. Haven't been able to find it anywhere - even tried Ikea with no luck.

Does anyone know where it can be purchased in Queens or on Long Island?

Thanks, Alice

Jan 19, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Lunch near Stratford, CT?

I do not know anything about the area, but I live in Great Neck, NY and want to meet a friend who lives in East Lyme, CT - we figured we would meet part way for lunch. I have no idea what kind of food she likes. Can anyone recommend a nice lunch place in the Stratford area, which I figure is about half-way? Thanks, Alice

Where can I find Frogurt (plain, like they sell in Bloomingdale's in the city) in NJ? r/o

I realize it is not in NJ, but for others looking for Frogurt, it is also at Yogurteria in Great Neck.


Jan 19, 2008
Bigbird in New Jersey

Little Neck

I do agree in part. I preferred the bagels before the change of ownership, but I still adore the egg-everything, and the pumpernickel bagels are the only true dark pumpernickel in the area. Whitefish salad is excellent. AND you can park, and they are fast; I generally stop on my way out of town, and both parking and speed are big issues. And no one can touch their pumpernickel or egg everything.


Jan 15, 2008
Bigbird in Outer Boroughs

Sandwich/Soup/Salad place near Westbury, LI

I have no idea if they deliver, but have you called West End Cafe at Old Country Rd & Glen Cove Rd? Ayhans at The Source?

Also, there must be a food delivery service in Westbury that will pick up foods from a variety of restaurants.