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Good place for a group in the East Bay

Thanks everyone for the ideas! I actually had China Village in mind but wanted to try something different. We haven't been to Pican but they're closed Memorial Day. It's a sign I should fall back on an old favorite.

Pican Restaurant
2295 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Good place for a group in the East Bay

So I've got a birthday coming up, and we're looking for a nice place to celebrate. We've got a small group, 8 of us, and I'm looking for something really specific. Any ideas would be appreciated!

- Round table for 8
- Casual enough that us laughing really loudly won't get dirty looks
- Quiet enough that we can hear each other from across the table
- $$ or $$$
- Food that makes you say yum
- Something more family-style than entree focused. We'd order for the table and try lots of stuff
- Not fluorescent lighting
- We'd prefer East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda) but might take a trip over the bridge for the right place

Any ideas?