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Rehearsal Dinner...

Planning (my own) 11th hour wedding in late August and struggling to find a Westside locale for rehearsal dinner. Looking for relaxed/casual, colorful, with capacity for party of around 40 or so. Was hoping for The Galley...too pricey. Was hoping for Lily's...won't reserve patio. Was hoping for Lare's...wont reserve upstairs on Friday nite.

Mexican would be first choice (Paco's is a no go as well...trying to avoid Casa Sanchez), but will reconsider. Just want it to feel unique, not some hotel or hipster joint.

Any advice would be great.

And BTW, not too long ago I asked for a place to cater Santa Maria BBQ for a wedding - thank you to whoever suggested Pure Joy in Santa Barbara. Their tri-tip is A+ amazing and they will be grilling for our big nite.

Jul 13, 2010
totallyites in Los Angeles Area

Affordable Westside Rehearsal Dinner for 100+

Just curious...did you ever find somewhere? I'm in the exact same boat, with a similar love of Mexican food. Tried Lare's but they won't do it...

Jul 12, 2010
totallyites in Los Angeles Area

Advice for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo (and finding a place called Pongo) [moved from LA]

Superica is a must. Don't forget...CASH ONLY. Nothing worse than remembering that after 30 minutes in line. Great horchata.

My two cents: Jocko's in Nipomo. AWESOME Santa Maria BBQ steaks. Call first to gauge crowd.

May 14, 2010
totallyites in California

Santa Maria

Having our wedding at a ranch in Malibu in late August and really struggling to find someone/some place to bring the oak wood & tri-tip for on-site cooking. Really just want basic, well-cooked, authentic Santa Maria (tri-tip, chicken, beans, etc.). I know Santa Maria BBQ Co. in Culver City caters, but haven't been blown away by the quality of their meats.

Has anyone tried Auntie Em's BBQ? Is there a place in Santa Maria itself that will make the trip south?

Any suggestions would be great.

May 14, 2010
totallyites in Los Angeles Area