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Montero's...worth a return trip! (Elizabeth City, NC)

My family stopped in Elizabeth City, NC on our way to and from Florida at Thanksgiving time. Elizabeth City was our stop due to the decent general aviation airport there.

Montero's was suggested by the airport staff and our hotel staff as being one of the best in town. Since the BBQ joint was closed the days we were in town, we had no other real choices except for fast food, IHOP and Golden Corral (not choices as far as I'm concerned).

The restaurant, from the outside, looks like a house. Upon entering, the staff greeted us warmly and quickly seated us. A server was at our table within a few minutes. Drinks were served quickly, though alcoholic drinks were not too strong. The menu has many choices, quite a few with a Cajun flair. Their blackened fish was truly blackened like in New Orleans...nice kick to it, too. I enjoyed a pasta dish with exotic mushrooms and a delicate sauce. Our daughter had a kid's steak dinner which was a small (3 oz), very tender filet mignon for only $6 including side and drink. They are a little heavy with the garlic on some items, but overall flavor is not hindered. The dessert menu is not extensive, but most everything is homemade. My husband said the Sweet Potato Pie was out-of-this-world incredible. We can't get good SP pie in the northeast. My creme brulee was silky smooth and creamy with a nice sugar coating. We tried their homemade donuts on a return trip...also very good served with three different dipping sauces (caramel was the hands-down winner).

They have multiple rooms for groups of all sizes. Each room is a different color (red, green, peach, blue, yellow) with an apt name and theme. We ate in the Louis Armstrong room, which is a deep, dark red with jazz pictures throughout. The staff invited us for a tour of each room. They were very cordial.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we returned a week later on our trip back north. The only thing I could complain about was the length of time getting our food...due to a problem in the kitchen (a malfunctioning order printer). They were very apologetic and our meals were, again, very good (Shrimp and Grits for my husband; steak for me and our daughter).

If you're in the area...stop at Montero's!!

414 N McArthur St, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Dec 01, 2010
montanalrc in Southeast

Best Whoopie Pies in Maine?

Whoopie pies to stand in line for...Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster in Freeport, Maine...turn at the Indian and hit the water!

Worldclass bagels in Nashua & Manchester, NH

I agree that Bagel Alley has awesome bagels (at least when I worked in Nashua about 10 years ago).

If you're near the seacoast, or Durham to be exact, try The Bagelry across from the UNH campus (they used to have one in Portsmouth, but it closed years ago). I get their Broccoli Havarti Melt on an Everything die for! Their desserts are pretty good, too. Expect to wait in line!

The Bagelry
Durham, Durham, NH

Lobster Recommendations from Rockland to Portland, ME

We've spent a lot of time at Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster on the water in South Freeport, Maine (turn at the big Indian and go straight until you hit the water). They have a separate lobster pound window just for lobster/steamers orders. The other window is for burgers and fried foods. They sell their lobsters by the pound (will cook for you) and they have a 1-lb. steamed lobster meal with steamers and corn on the cob. Their corn bread is really good. My husband goes just for their whoopie pies.