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Dinner guest peeve

Assuming you don't know the daughter or her mom that well, meaning as well as family or other friend who could say something like that half-seriously and get away with it .... then I think you had the right attitude about it. You might have said, "sure, if there are leftovers I'll be happy to send them home" -- and that way, no one would know how rude the request was except you, and in the scheme of things such a trivial infraction that you could hopefully just forgive and forget, or chalk it up to their bad manners or your own great cooking!!

Apr 22, 2014
nisseifoodie in Not About Food

Sushi in CT--let's talk about our favorite places

sounds good but where is it located?

Sushi in CT--let's talk about our favorite places

Oh, it was Kira Sushi in Greenwich - sorry, I attached the review to the rating, and thought it would appear together!

Where to buy Sushi/Sashimi Grade Fish in Farfield County, CT

I second the endorsements of Daido, who display a "packed date" on all their fish. Sashimi grade fish is about the cut as well as freshness. Sometimes you can't see with the naked eye but when you taste the wrong cut, even if it's fresh, you know it's not right. Oh yes! Daido's salmon is unbeatable - so fresh there is no odor whatsoever, and falls like butter when cooked - needs no seasoning. Daido supplies their stores from Fulton market. The salmon used to be a steal, but they raised prices - though even now it's a worthwhile investment at 9.99 a pound.

Sushi in CT--let's talk about our favorite places

Ordered a big sushi for pickup in honor of my mother's 2nd visit to our home in 10 years. As she is Japanese and owned her own restaurant, I didn't know what to expect but was not optimistic since we have not enjoyed good sushi in this area since moving here. First, the restaurant staff were fantastic. They confirmed the order the day before, and were still preparing it the morning of mom's visit when my husband arrived, just as they were opening. My mother was very impressed with freshness and flavor. I ordered some run of the mill maki rolls, but also some special items that she is fond of. I also ordered a good amount of sashimi. My little 100 pound okaa-san did some real damage that day. And she loved it.
Whenever mom is happy, I'm happy. By the way - I ordered from the lunch menu, and prices were very reasonable.

Is Aria in Stamford worth the visit??

Somehow it has become 'de rigeur' for Stamford restaurants to price on par with mid to up-end New York restaurants. But in New York there are far more choices, much more competition, and comparable quality is available at more reasonable prices. Plus, it's less than 40 minutes away. Maybe it's a function of real estate and labor costs in this area. If so, FFC is ignoring a huge market segment that could be supporting far more dining commerce than it does.

Stamford - Any hidden gems?

Villa Italia on Main - looks like nothing special from outside. Menu is fresh, sauces are homemade and not over-done with cream, garlic, or anything else. Carpaccio with shaved parmesan is NY level. Service is friendly. Family-owned - in fact, Nona and her husband make the desserts by hand, their own recipes for tiramisu, pastry - very very good quality, and extremely good value for Fairfield County. They get it - do good food, don't rip off your clients. I've been there for business lunches, date night with my husband, and have even taken the 5-year old twins for lunch ... every experience superb.

Villa Italia
812 E Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

Restaurant Recs for Young Newlywed Couple - [Stamford, Ct]

Late to the table, but try Siena - authentic, good wine list, good quality ingredients.