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Tamaya ramen review....

aww, people remember won tin! it was our family's "usual" place whenever we got together. my mom, who always has something to complain about, never had a bad word to say about won tin.

i tried tamaya one time as well and have never been back either. oh well.

Jul 19, 2011
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Best of Downtown Chinatown

I think you *could* walk from one town to another, but most southern californians would probably find it absurd. ;) Once you are on Valley Blvd. (the big main street with tons of restaurants), there is a local bus 79 that just drives up and down Valley that might be more convenient.

Both the 487 and 489 will stop at Valley and Del Mar, which is very close to a lot of restaurants. Half a block to the west is the Focus Plaza mentioned above with a 99 Ranch and lots of restaurants and shops. If you want to try 101 Noodle express, there is a closer stop at New and Newby, but really, it's not a long walk.

I live farther away now, so I'll leave it to others to suggest yummy places on Valley near Del Mar or New Ave that you should try.

Couple of tips that should help:

- When you find the bus stop outside of Union station, make sure you are boarding on the correct side. You want the buses that are entering the freeway, not getting off (that would take you into downtown). The signs should say 487 or 489 to El Monte Station via (something depending on the line).

- These are commuter trains so they won't run as often on the weekends. And I believe it's zone 2, so the fare might be around $4 each way. Here's the PDF schedule (you are going eastbound):

Good luck! I hope you find lots of great food. :)

Best of Downtown Chinatown

I was just in the process of looking up the 487/489 line for you, but Mr. Taster beat me to it. I used to take that line to/from work. It's fast because it takes the carpool lane on the freeway. I'll bet that during non-commute times, it would take you 20 mins each way.. 15 if you get the crazy driver.

The only tricky part is that you'll have to exit Union Station to get to the actual bus stop. From the middle of Union Station, I go out the doors near the Amtrak ticket windows and walk across the courtyard and through a parking lot. The bus stop is located on the median of the entrance to the 10 freeway.

It's been at least 6 months since I've gone through Union Station, but there was never any good signage for this group of bus stops. Hopefully that's changed. It's officially called the El Monte busway and it's at Alameda and Arcadia streets. I'm sure if you ask someone official, they can help direct you.

I think it's definitely worth the trip if you're looking for good and varied chinese food. There are tons of good places within walking distance of where that bus lets you off.

Mar 10, 2011
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Chinese dessert soups... Who has the best?

i think phoenix might have what you are looking for. they have several locations -- some are full on restaurants, but some are smaller dessert places that have all of those soups you are craving along with pastries and mochi and fancy drinks. (at least the one i go to in arcadia does).

Feb 15, 2011
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Dragon beard candy and dough figurines in the SGV

every once in a long while, i will see it at the focus plaza 99 ranch. there will be an old man with a cart just inside by the fruits and veggie section where they keep the other special carts (ladies selling mochi covered in peanut powder or the fish shaped buns filled with red bean).

try visiting near a big chinese holiday. i seem to remember the last time i saw it was during chinese new year.

Sep 27, 2010
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Shanghai-Style Dim Sum in the Los Angeles area?

JJ Bakery in Arcadia (not sure if the other branches do as well) has some of that stuff. They do not have tables or chairs though, so you'll have to take it home to eat. I liked their shao bing yo tiao and hot soy milk. I don't believe they have xiao long bao. (You can always run across the parking lot and order a batch from DTF if they are open).

My problem is that I always end up coming home with an extra $10 worth of baked goods whenever I go. The place gets very packed on weekend mornings, so be prepared to wait to pay and then get your food.

Jul 31, 2009
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Zig Zag roll

have you tried california roll factory on the westside? they have tons of rolls created by their customers hung on the walls. if that's not one of them, i'm sure they could make it for you.

be sure to try some of their other ones. if you like deep fried.. the evictor roll is yuuummy!

California Roll Factory
11629 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Feb 05, 2009
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Din Tai Fung Dumpling House: New Location

I went to the old restaurant on Sunday and overhead them sending a large table to the new restaurant, so we snuck over for a look after our meal.

The new space is much bigger and they even have a second floor (the host said it was not opened yet). It was really lovely and airy with high ceilings and shiny new modern chairs. The host of the new place said that they have the exact same food with the same chef in charge. Also, you can go to either restaurant to get a seat.

It is a completely separate building btw, you have to either cut through behind the bookstore or get to baldwin and walk next door. I was hoping for a secret tunnel. ;)

Dec 03, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

King's Hawaiian wedding cake?

I had a King's Hawaiian wedding cake! You can schedule a consult with their cake person. They will bring you all the lovely flavors (you can have different flavors for each tier) to try and let you look through their big book of ideas. Most of the pictures were very traditional and fancy. Not really my style.. I found one of the simpler cakes and asked them to modify it to suit me and they were very accommodating.

Here is a picture:

I just asked for something very simple, no fondant, just buttercream and they made lovely flowers to go around. I actually wish I asked for more of the flowers to fill in the empty spots (but that's my own fault).

I had paradise for one of the layers and it was a big hit. :) My two tiers fed about 65 people.

Oct 10, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Is Bali Island still around?

thanks for the info ipsedixit. i guess it's a good thing i like dumplings. :)

Sep 14, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Is Bali Island still around?

I could not stop and investigate, as I was just a passenger in the car. But when we drove past on Las Tunas this past weekend, it looked like it was gone? Or at least the sign was gone and there seemed to be a new restaurant in it's place? Anyone have the scoop?

I'd be very sad if it were gone. My husband and I visit a couple of times a month for decent indonesian food.

Hopefully they just moved to a new location?

Bali Island
715 W Las Tunas Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Sep 13, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Chicago Style Popcorn?

Just seconding mollymormon. It is sold at the farmer's market at 7th/fig in downtown. They are there on Thursdays and Fridays. They do sell just regular kettlecorn, but they have lots of other flavors including chicago style with caramel and cheddar. It's really great when it's warm and freshly popped!

Jul 27, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Uncrowded dim sum in SGV?

have you tried mission261 yet? we've never had to wait there, even when 10 of us show up at 11am on a sunday. they have lots of seating in several rooms. no carts though, you'll have to order off a menu.

i don't think their dimsum is the best, but it's not bad, especially when you don't want to wait.

Mar 02, 2007
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Green Tea Treats

there is a new italian yogurt place in little tokyo. i forget the name of it.. we stopped by briefly last week. it's in the plaza that frying fish is in.

their green tea yogurt was divine! and they had a lot of toppings you could put on it.

Aug 16, 2006
mileena in Los Angeles Area

Any Chinese Restaurants Serving Beef Dumplings?

this is timely...

some friends and i just visited a new-ish restaurant in Arcadia on Baldwin called "Dumpling House". It's almost directly across the street from the DTF plaza.

i thought the food was just ok and we did not try the beef dumpling, but it was on the menu.

Jun 25, 2006
mileena in Los Angeles Area