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(Over) Dried Figs

I have a great cookbook all about dried figs, Fig Heaven. To "plump" dried figs, it says, sprinkle lightly with water and then warm in the microwave for about a minute. One other option: Simmer figs in wine, water or fruit juice to cover, until absorbed, usually 10-20 minutes. As the figs cool, excess liquid is reabsorbed, making them even moister and juicier.

Oct 03, 2012
RogerOliveOil in Home Cooking

Family of 4 in Rome (Piazza Navona)

We're a family of four from Denver going this summer. What a coincidence. What did you find? Any recommendations? Thanks for kicking the whole conversation off.

May 13, 2010
RogerOliveOil in Italy