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Belgique cookware

Howdy, I found this while looking for more Belgique pieces and thought I would throw in my two cents. I got the 14 pieces set at Macy's a couple of weeks ago. I had been researching for months and was there to try to look at Emeril's Pro Clad. The salesman owned and used this set for over a year and really recommended it. We went back and purchased a few days later when it went on sale. For less than $150 out the door I feel I got a great deal. Yes, they are made in China, but for the price it still is decent stuff. The pieces are sized nicely and I find I am using them all regularly. I cook for a family of 7 that spans 4 generations. I need durable and easy to use. You definitely need to lower the heat - a lot! Saves on the electric bill. Cleans up easy with a few minutes of soaking in hot soapy dishwater. I always hand wash pans. Too many dishes to have room in the dishwasher ;) I did fry potatoes the other day and had to use a little Bon Ami powder to clean the bottom of the saute pan (I will get Barkeeper's Friend). Next time I will try lowering the heat a bit more. I also have some light spots on the bottom of the pans I have used to boil and steam. I will probably try the boiling some vinegar and even lower the heat to see if that keeps the spots away. I really don't care how pretty these pans are. They cook better that anything I have had before and cost much less than I was prepared to pay for Emerils made in China set. I plan on getting sets for my daughters for Christmas.

May 13, 2010
TXSquirrell in Cookware