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Blue Mist Barbecue near/in Asheboro NC on 64 - wood pile outside

There are no good places to eat in Asheboro I hate to say the best meal I got there in three days was at the Rockola Cafe.

Nov 23, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

Thanksgiving 2008 Wrightsville Beach NC

I know the BR has a Buffet but at 40 bucks a pop I would check out the Sunspree Resort or Downtown Wilmington for a better bargain.

Nov 23, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

Help with Thanksgiving in Greenville, NC

I belive there is a Sheraton in Greenville Right?That would be better than a CB or CC.

Nov 23, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

Breakfast in Morehead City NC

Heading to Hatteras for a whole week! Would like to start it off witha good breakfast on the way,So far the only place I know is The Cox Family Restaurant ,Is there anything on the Morehead Waterfront?

Oct 02, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

"Southern" food in OBX?

Darrylls in Manteo has good Home Cookin ! Meatloaf with Tomato Gravy ,Fried Chicken,Hamburger Steak,ECT, ECT.

Jacksonville Churrascaria

You're Right! No place to eat in Actionville,Hildas way over rated and over priced for what it is and Ducks!Where do they get off charging prices like that? Its not Mortons for God Sakes.And I have to disagree about Tonys,I worked there a short time and its a dirty place. I wish I could say something good aboutJ-Ville but it is what it is a Fast Food Town.

The Basics Wilmington NC

Tried this place yesterday for My Birthday Lunch and was not impressed at all.The best part about it was it was lunch time and all the College Girls were walking by the window where I was seated,Back to the meal Meatloaf,Mac and Cheese and green beans.Meatloaf was cold and could have been leftover from the day before but the Server assurred Me it was baked fresh daily Right,The Mac and Cheese was runny with some Cheese that was thrown on top at the last moment,The green beans could have used some bacon grease and cooked a while longer.It seems I have a History of getting bad Meals on My Birthday in downtown last year it was the Dixie Dinner this year Basics,at least the Barby Coast did not let Me down.

Sep 18, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

Asheboro Zoo to Greensboro Waterpark

Thanks I might just have to do that !

Asheboro Zoo to Greensboro Waterpark

I'm getting off this Stinkin Island and headed Inland to get away from this Sea of Tourists and where does an Island Boy find some comfort food around Asheboro?Just good Home Cookin Comfort Food is all I seek ,BBQ would be a start.Wherever the Locals eat I want to know.
And does Anybody know or have been to Wet and Wild Waterpark in Greensboro? Opinions on Motels and places to eat would be appreciated also.Thanks.

Crabs in the Outer Banks

Gene @ 252-202-6469

Crabs in the Outer Banks

Daniels like that one poster said,I was there the other day and picked up four lbs. of Lump,Its a little more than 20 bucks a lb though but it was the good stuff. I can get you the number of a Crabber who might deliver Live Crabs if you like.

North Carolina BBQ- Tray or Sandwich?

A BBQ Sandwich with Slaw and Fries is always a good call.

Who has best hotdog in NC?

I agree about Pauls Place being Overrated! It was good thirty years ago but now the Dogs are just tasteless.The unique Chilli is just sweet pickle relish with Ketchup and BBQ Sauce. They will run right thru you.
The best Dog I have had in a while was yesterday here im My House,Homemade Slaw and Chilli with a all beef Ballpark Frank.

Jul 06, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

BBQ in Nags Head, NC

High Cotton is by far the best BBQ around.Pig man maybe,Bubbas never.

Jun 08, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

Steamed Blue Crabs near Wilmington, NC?

I live here on Topsail and You can buy them by the bushel but I dont know anyone who will steam them for you.

North Carolina seafood restaurants - which ones source locally?

I live here on Topsail Island and in the past years you could find fresh Seafood at most of the Restaurants now thanks to US Foods and Sysco that has been replaced with pre-breaded and frozen Seafood.I buy My Seafood from the Fishermen and take it home and cook it,Leave that crap to the Tourists who don't know anybetter.

May 29, 2009
jellybear in Southeast

In Prasie of Harris Teeter

I had a Doctors appointment in Porters Neck yesterday and stopped by the Harris Teeter to pick up some lunch.They have specials everyday and yesterday they had a bucket of fried chicken for 4.99 that was a whole fried chicken served up fresh and hot.Last week I got one and it was so good I returned again.But another special they have on Fridays is a foot long Sub for 3.99 So I opted for the Italian and let me tell you it was one of the best Subs I have gotton anywhere.Dressed to the max with fresh cut meats and banna peppers ,I ate half on the way home and the dressing was dripping down my arm on the way homeToday,You can get a rack of Baby Backs for 7.99 cooked till tender and I wished I could go back today .

Mar 07, 2009
jellybear in Chains

Trader Joes comes to Wilmington

That would be great if its true,But to be sure we would have heard about it by now.

K& W Cafeteria Wilmington

I don't do Downtown but where is TFL? Never heard of it.

Allen & Sons BBQ

Just go to Smithfields and get a large combo for 7 bucks. Case closed.

K& W Cafeteria Wilmington

I had about thirty minutes before a Doctors appointment in town and was famished looking to stuff myself so I saw K&W there and decided to give it a try.It was 12 oThirty and the place was packed but the line was moving fast.Everything looked good on line as it always does when you are hungry.Couldn't decide so I stuck with the same ole same ole,One Quarter Fried Chicken Dark,Sides included creamed corn,Mashed Taters,green beans,two yeast rolls and sweet tea.Total damage Nine Dollars and Seven cents.
Now that is not what I expect to pay for a meat and three and the lunch was not very filling.I had to talk myself into not stopping By Smithfields on the way home where I could have gotton a Large Combo of BBQ and BBQ Chicken for Seven Dollars.OK so I wont do that again.The place was full of Eldery People like a Nursing Home and that only added to mine dining displeasure.I can see why the food had no taste to it at all.I had the salt shaker in my hand the whole time.

Breakfast in Wilmington

I stick with the Ihop at least its fresh and hot and served by clean Waitresses.

Catch in Wilmington

Good luck in that location.After a couple of armed robbers busted in and robbed the place AND the customers that were in it at the time it hasn't fared very well after.Nothing like a little bad publicity to live down.

Breakfast in Wilmington

I miss Leons too and have been back twice but its not the same since Leon split.

Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune

You mean Atlantic Beach. I have ate there and right now all seafood is brought in frozen.The Grouper is most likely imported too because I was at the fish house yesterday and the price was 14.98 a lb.

Varsity Chili Dogs in Atlanta

Any place that does that much volume the quality is bound to suck and that is what the Varsity does big time and besides that its filthy.

Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune

Never hear of this place .Where is it?

Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune

I have only been there for two weeks now and I know what you mean about the service.It sucks and I told the Owner about it last night.All the Girls that work there and some of the Men too have bad attitudes to start with.The Owners are really Nice people and they treat thier help too nice is what it is.As far as seasoning ,That isn't aproblem with Me .I season everything.
On another note about Mia Cabana,I noticed on the back of thier takeout menu is that they add on the tip on take outs .

NC/South favorite foods

You can't go wrong with anything fried down here.

Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune

I work at Captain Tonys Seafood and Oyster bar ,Its right across the street from ,Shogun and I can vouch for the lack of good food around this area but there is a little Mexican Place right beside me that packs them in every night,I havent tried it but plan on it soon.Try the grilled Tuna at Captain Tonys its fantastic.