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Best Steakhouse?

I would be taking uber or cab so nothing to crazy far, and price on dinner unlimited

Aug 02, 2014
iamloco724 in Los Angeles Area

Best Steakhouse?

Coming into LA for the first time will be staying by Hollywood BLVD looking for Steakhouse recommendations for my girlfriends birthday dinner

Type of steak we like are NY Strip and Filet's

Aug 01, 2014
iamloco724 in Los Angeles Area

Plain baked/grilled chicken and or chicken fingers/tenders in downtown?

Coming to LA for the first time i have a picky eater with me that has health issues and other reasons they are picky

looking for a good place that is by the la live area that i can get a pretty plain piece of grilled or baked chicken that is cooked good meaning not too dry/overcooked also looking for a place that has chicken fingers/tenders and would be great if the both these kind of places served things like fries

i know very boring basic and plain, ive done some searching and its pretty hard to find a place

so any suggestions from people that would know best would be great


Jul 27, 2014
iamloco724 in Los Angeles Area

Best Steakhouse?

So which steakhouse does everyone like best, i have been to both Butcher and Singer and Barclay Prime, i went to Butcher twice first time we loved it 2nd time was sub par to me, quality was still there but i felt the steaks were too peppered , Barclay i have been there once and thought it was pretty good not as enjoyable as my first time at Butcher but still good

So what is everyone elses opinion on these or any others in the area?

May 05, 2014
iamloco724 in Philadelphia

Which NOLA Steakhouse

Coming into town this week, i can only go to one of these places so looking for opinions

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse
La Boca
Mr Johns

I like a tender piece of steak not chewy not too fatty, la boca stands out but looking for other opinions for people that have tried more than one of them and also what would you recommend on that menu

Mar 29, 2014
iamloco724 in New Orleans

Looking for an italian place in nyc

looking for a good italian place in the city

we like basic stuff like good vodka sauce,love lobster ravioli,,seafood pasta dishes

price isnt an issue..would like the place to have normal portions nothing tiny..and for the day we are going not a place that you have to dress up for

Apr 12, 2012
iamloco724 in Manhattan

Texas De Brazil VS Fogo De Chao Miami Beach

im flying in on tues for the locals which of these in miami beach do you like more and why

i want to go to one of them just cant decide reviews are good for both

Best thin cripsy crust pizza in sheepshead/gravesend area

im looking for a pizza place in my area of brooklyn that has good thin crispy crust pizza not doughy thick pizza..they must be in delivery range to east 2nd and ave z

any suggestions?

Apr 26, 2011
iamloco724 in Outer Boroughs

recommendations for places in buckhead and some downtown

im going to be going to atlanta late next month for wrestlemania im staying at the jw marriott in buckhead since its a nice area and close to malls for the girlfriend

im flying in march 31st arriving at night so will need dinner that night friday would like a place in buckhead by the hotel sat and sun the night of the hall of fame and the mania event i could eat either in buckhead or by the georgia dome/philips arena

this is mainly for dinner i need recommendations..but also would like some cheap recommendations for a small quick lunch non fast food

food we like steak,seafood,ribs,burgers as many recommendations as you can..price is not to much of an issue but prefer not having to dress up to have to go out to eat

Feb 18, 2011
iamloco724 in Atlanta

Looking for good delil sandwhiches by madison square garden

looking for a place by msg that makes good basic coldcut sandwhichs..i prefer boarshead meat so thats a requirement just looking for a good affordable clean place..it would be a plus if they had seats

May 13, 2010
iamloco724 in Manhattan

Looking for pizza place by port authority

looking for a good pizza place by or in port authority of course reasonable price as well just looking for some good regular slices

May 13, 2010
iamloco724 in Manhattan