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Fun place for dinner with kid preferably downtown

last night here with my 14yo son and looking for a fun place for dinner. Were adventurous eaters, any suggestions for somewhere that would be fun to him would be appreciated. Preferably downtown as we dont have a car. Thanks for your help!

Sep 04, 2012
ryanwex in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Looking for reccomendations from Vancouver locals

Hello everyone-My 14yo son and I are coming to Vancouver for a week vacation next week and I'm looking for some reccomendations for places to eat and things we need to try while we're there. We are adventerous eaters. We are staying at Sutton Place Hotel and will not have a car (except for a day possibly). We're from Philadelphia where there is an excellent ethnic food scene (probably not as good as Vancouver though) so there's not a whole lot we haven't tried in the way of ethnic food. Our favorites are old school Italian and Vietnamese. The only type of food that I don't particularly like is Indian.

Here's what I'm looking for, any help would be greatly appreciated:

Any type of moderately priced ethnic we probably wouldn't be able to get on the east coast
Food trucks-if there are any that are must tries (Is Japadog worth trying?)
Places that are uniquely Vancouver
I'm particularly interested in Commerical Drive as it sounds like my kind of place
Are there places in Richmond that are worth trying and are accessible without a car?

We can skip: touristy places, high end trendy places

Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to some great eating while we're there!

Aug 24, 2012
ryanwex in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Interesting places in Dunloring/Fairfax/Tyson's Corner

My son and I will be staying in Dunloring for the weekend so I was looking for some interesting restaurant suggestions. We're adventurous eaters and from Philadelphia so we've eaten all the cuisines that people tend to associate with the DC area (Vietnamese, Ethiopian, etc.)

I've heard that there's interesting restaurants in Tyson's corner, anything closer? We like funky places, ethnic places and of course my son loves old school cantonese/polynesian style Chinese places where you can get a PuPu platter and I can get a strong drink in a Tiki Cup.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Looking for restaurant suggestions from the locals in Portland, ME

My 13yo son and I are spending a few days in and around Boothbay Harbor and will be heading to Portland later this week. I'm looking for any suggestions of places between Boothbay and Portland we should check out as well as restaurants in Portland.

We are very adventurous eaters, prefer places the locals go to over touristy places, prefer laid back to trendy. I don't mind driving out of the way a bit if there's somewhere really worth visiting.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

Aug 18, 2011
ryanwex in Northern New England