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best roti and jerk chicken?

Yes sir, as a matter of fact I just had lunch from there. It is very good. Their curry goat is excellent. Huge portions.

soup dumplings in MTL?

It really is awesome. Been three times already in the past two weeks since I found out about it!

Friday oyster happy hours?

Chez Victoire Bistro de Quartier (1453 Mont-Royal E) has 13 oysters for $12 seven days a week from 5 to 7.

soup dumplings in MTL?

That one didn't have bones, did it? I had the braised fish and it was good but way too many bones for my liking.

Petit Munich in West Island

I will definitely check it out then! Thanks!

Petit Munich in West Island

Do they serve food too or is it just a bakery?

Hidden gems on Montreal's West Island

Unfortunately Petit Munich is no longer, a great shame since the German friend I went with said it was a little taste of home. Another place I like on Des Sources is Caribbean Tasty Treats, which I swear has the best Jamaican food in town. I've been with two Jamaican friends who can confirm this.

Petit Munich in West Island

It is actually closed for good now! I went once last year and didn't go back until I had access to car and when I tried, I discovered it was gone. This is a great shame because my German friend who I went with said it was a little taste of home.

Unique Ethnic Cuisine

Not far from Les îles en ville is Chez Maggy (4912 Wellington) which, as far as I know, is Montreal's only Bengali restaurant. I went there last night and was very pleased with the tilapia curry. For $14.95 I had the fish curry, salad, parota, rice, lentils and curry vegetables. The appetizers aren't expensive either, 50 cents or a buck for each (samosas, pakora, etc.). It's cash only. The owner, Maggy, is very nice and you can bring your own wine. I highly recommend it.

There's also an East African restaurant the next block up as well that is very good. I had the goat which was supposed to be braised but when I got it, it was actually grilled to perfection. You have to be patient with both places because the service can be slow but it is well worth the wait.

soup dumplings in MTL?

I have found an authentic Shanghai-style restaurant in Verdun located on De l'Église and Joseph called Hao Hao. I was walking by the other night and all I saw were Chinese people inside so it peaked my interest. It may be misleading from the retro sign but they do indeed serve real xiao long bao. I had them and they were delicious. They specialize in Nanjing salted duck, which is served cold and kind of reminds me of Dakao chicken, and Shanghai style duck in soy sauce, served hot. They also have various other dishes, fish, pork, lamb, noodle soups and Shanghai-style dim sum. Please check it out if you have a chance.

L'Autre, Europea, LeGrain DeSel

We had our company Christmas party at le Grain de Sel this past year and boy was it delicious! Their specialty is black pudding (blood sausage) and it was out of this world. I would definitely go back to try some of their other dishes as well.

best roti and jerk chicken?

I am a big fan of Caribbean Tasty Treats in DDO. I have been there numerous times, including twice with two different Jamaican friends, and the food has been stellar every time. Their jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtails and ackee and saltfish are all excellent (these are the only ones I've had). Their homemade juices and desserts are the real deal too.

Le Roi Du Taco (El Rey del Taco) marché Jean-Talon

I think it's called the Queretana? I also enjoy this sandwich.

Of all the stores that sell bbq duck in Chinatown, which one is the tastiest?

Unfortunately, Sun Sing Lung closed in July 2011 because the owners retired. I tried going today and was very upset to see it papered up.

Restaurant Openings in 2011

I once walked by and saw the lady (light hair) who used to work behind the counter at Romados working at Piri Piri. She would always give great portions of chicken. If you ordered a thigh she would always give you a thigh and a half.

Cuisine chinoise Tian Tian

The guys who run this place are the former owners of Lao Beijing on Côte-des-Neiges, which was always delicious whenever I went there. The fish dishes on the steam counter are good too and I think are worth paying the extra dollar for.

Fantastic Big Flat Lamb Noodle Soup in Verdun

That is definitely the small because it is always served in a white bowl.

La Maison du Nord pork sandwich

I went to La Maison du Nord tonight and although soup is probably the last thing you think of when you go here, I highly recommend the egg and purple seaweed soup. I tried it for the first time tonight and it was delicious, very flavorful.

La Maison du Nord pork sandwich

I had this dish tonight and can also confirm that they are not Sichuan peppercorns, but seemed like regular black peppercorns. A very good dish nonetheless.

Chinatown 2

I spoke to the owner's husband, who makes the noodles, and he said that he can make all different kinds of sizes upon request.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

I tried Tian Tan atop Antep Kebab on Maisonneuve today and the owners are two former chefs from Lao Beijing. There's a steam counter from which you can pick three dishes for $8 (includes rice) and +$1 to include one of the fish dishes. I had some sort of spicy & sour fish filet, spicy beef tripe, and tofu, bok choy, and chinese sausage. They make noodles too and I even saw some century eggs as well. Delicious food, good spice too. Not a pretty place, three tables in the whole restaurant but definitely worth a try. Bring Chinese friends to decipher some of the menu offerings. And of course, just like at Lao Beijing, you can speak French, English, or Mandarin.