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Fun place with good food near FLL?

A few of us will be on a work trip right near FLL for a couple days, and will need good spots for drinks and dinner. We're open to anything typical, stylish, or funny, as long as the food is good and we can get a few drinks.


Neighborhoody, romantic little place needed

Well be in Chicago for a romantic weekend in June, and are looking for a romantic little neighborhood place for dinner. The kind of place we'd find ourselves if we were walking around, and would peek in and get a good feeling and decide to stay. The kind of place where the host is joking with the bussers, and the servers know what's good, and the owners and chefs just want to make honest, lovely food for people who enjoy eating it. Where a $14 entree is made with love.

We'll be staying (of course) on the Mag Mile, but we're walkers and are perfectly happy to cab it or take the el. So where's your neighborhood gem that's never going to get written up, but that you really like and go to again and again?

Thanks in advance!

May 12, 2010
hownowbrown in Chicago Area