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Finding Maya-Ik Salsa Picante in (W.) L.A.?

I haven't found a source yet, but I will check out El Camaguey Market next weekend - thanks for the tip!

El Camaguey Market
10925 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 14, 2010
Roundelay in Los Angeles Area

Finding Maya-Ik Salsa Picante in (W.) L.A.?

I'm about to exhaust my supply of Maya-Ik Salsa Picante. Does anyone know a place to buy some (red or green, I'll take either) on or near the westside? Thanks.

Nov 24, 2009
Roundelay in Los Angeles Area

Places to eat near 9 Beaches in Bermuda???

We had a good meal (not outstanding, but good) at the Freeport restaurant, just inside the gates at Dockyard. For local Bermudian food, try Traditions, 2 Middle Road, a short bike ride away (it's cash only, though). I'd avoid the Salt Rock Grill (the staff pay far more attention to the drinkers in the bar than to the diners in the restaurant) and the rest of the restaurants in Dockyard.

New Haven Restaurant Week

Can't help you with dinner, but we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Union League Cafe today. Two of us had the kabocha squash ravioli for an entree and the orange creme caramel for dessert, and the other two had the duck confit for the entree and the poached pear with chocolate for dessert. The portions were what you'd expect for the price (which is to say, just fine) and the food was delicious. I've never seen the ULC so packed for lunch - not sure if that was because of Restaurant Week or not.

We're going to Pacifico on Thursday.

New Haven, CT Restaurants - Help My List

We're fans of Soleo's, on Forbes Avenue near the East Haven line. A colleague had been recommending it for years, and we finally got out there this summer. Friendly staff, traditional menu (pastas, veal piccata, zuppa di pesce) with a few unusual specialties (tripe, calf's heart) which we haven' worked up the nerve to try yet. Hmmm, maybe we'll go this weekend ...

The Cupcake Truck - New Haven

Yes! Go. It's wonderful. See for a little more info, and a list of what's for sale each day.

Another Bermuda question

I'll second the Freeport Restaurant suggestion. We were there for dinner, not lunch, but had the fish chowder and other dishes, and they were quite good. We had two excellent lunches at Traditions (2 Middle Road, Sandys), which really will be a trek for you but is definitely worth the trip. The staff is super-friendly (they even remembered us when we went back the second time), and the codfish cake sandwiches are yummy. We also had a not fabulous but still good lunch at Cafe Gio in St. George. And be sure to stop by Bailey's Ice Cream Parlour for a scoop or two.

Best Trip Ever! Back from Bermuda (Long)

Thanks, both of you. We'll report back next week.

Best Trip Ever! Back from Bermuda (Long)

We're planning to try Blu when we're in Bermuda later this month. And Rustico sounds promising. Anything else you can recommend? We don't mind paying a little more, if the food's worth it. Any suggestions, particularly for local specialties like conch stew and shark hash, would be appreciated. We're staying in Sandys, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

Ibiza New Haven

No, you won't get little plates to share - it's an appetizer-then-entree place. But it's delicious. So go. (Then report back.)

Yankee Doodle in New Haven Closed

There's a movement afoot to bring it back; see

Beyond Tre Scalini

L'Orcio on State Street.

Groceries in Christchurch

Look for a New World supermarket. We shopped there a lot during our three-week stay last March. It was one of the first places we'd look for when we arrived in a new city.

O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown

They hope to be open by Thanksgiving.

Southern CT Best Farmers Market

The weekly farmer's markets operated by CitySeed in New Haven are small, but good. Lots of organic foods for sale. Their Wooster Square market opens for the season next Saturday, with the NY Times' Mark Bittman as a special guest. See for info.

Sushi place, Woodbridge, CT?

Your friend might be thinking of what used to be the Fan Shun Buffet, and is now the ... (Tokyo?) Sushi Buffet, I think. You can see it from the Exit 59 offramp. Barely over the Woodbridge town line.

South Island, NZ restaurants

Fergburger! Definitely worth a stop. The aioli they serve with their fries is to die for. And the burgers are good too.

South Island, NZ restaurants

Can't help you with Christchurch or Te Anau, but in Queenstown we enjoyed our dinners at Solera Vino, Boardwalk and Captains. The Bathhouse was also recommended to us but it was closed on the night we wanted to go.

As ElizabethS mentioned, the drive between Hokitika and Queenstown is a long one, with few places to choose from along the way. Beeches in Franz Joseph would be one possibility.

Help me understand New Haven Pizza!!

Is Bimonte's still there? We drove by not long ago and it looked like it had been swallowed up by Eli's, or turned into another eatery. We didn't get a close look though.

Brunch Suggestions in Connecticut?

Yes, it's true. It closed late in 2006, I think.

Brunch Suggestions in Connecticut?

500 Blake Street is no more - it closed last year. Scoozzi is open for Sunday brunch, if you like Italian (and you're in New Haven).

New Haven, CT - Culinary Playground or Vast Wasteland?

Don't worry, there's plenty, both here in New Haven and in the surrounding towns. Everything from street vendors (near the Yale Medical School and a few other places) to high-end restaurants, with lots in between. Good wine stores (The Wine Thief, Mt. Carmel, Amity), and some good small markets (Ferraro's, Nica's). Plus local specialities like Libby's italian ices, Longhini sausage and Foxon Park sodas.

And rumor has it that Wild Oats is coming to Milford, but I haven't seen anything on the Wild Oats wesbite.

Delivery Pizza - New Haven

We like Dayton St. Apizza.

Best Indian in New Haven

Thali on Orange Street. See .

Bespoke in New Haven ?

From the owners of Roomba. Has anyone tried it?


Local Sodas?

I second (third?) the Foxon Park recommendation - it's the only thing we'll drink with New Haven apizza. You can order online:

Nov 01, 2006
Roundelay in General Topics

"Polynesian" style Chinese restaurants

I asked my husband about these places (he's from Nashua, too). He says the Kahala and Singapore are long gone, but Haluwa is still there.

Food magazines weighing down shelves-- what to do?

Please think carefully before dropping your old magazines off at the library. Most people assume they're the very first person ever to offer 75 years of National Geographic to the library, and the library will surely be grateful. But the truth is, unless you live in a very small town, your public library will often have a good collection of these things already. Call them first. The suggestion to offer magazines to a cooking school is a good one; you could also try a local vocational high school that might have food service training programs.

As for what I do with my copies, I add the recipes that interest me to my (!) account ( and tag them with various terms (sidedishes, vegetables, breakfast, etc.). I am a librarian, after all, so I do get something out of organizing and cataloging things. Then I cut out whatever's not available online and file it away. If anything's left, it gets recycled.

Note to publishers: consider putting your archives online (articles and recipes), either behind a barrier for paid subscribers, or better yet, for free, for everyone.

Sep 23, 2006
Roundelay in Food Media & News

Thali in New Haven?

Thali gets an "Excellent" rating from Stephanie Lyness in today's NY TImes:

Thali in New Haven?

We were there about two weeks ago. We were a big group, and between the 8 of us must have tried close to half the menu. It was all excellent. I remember a shrimp-in-garlic appetizer that was popular all around (can't remember the name, unfortunately). There is more fish on the menu here, more coconut and tamarind, different spices ... but there are familiar classics, too. Hmm, just thinking about it makes me want to return. I say, go!