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Healthy/vegan/veg options, Yonge/St Clair?

Dear Torontonians:

I'll be spending the summer in TO, living Yonge/St Clair.

Didn't see much in the way of vegan/raw/vegetarian options on my last visit.

Would very much appreciate recommendations.


Ottawa breakfast?

Dear Chowhounds:
I'll be visiting Ottawa for the first time in years this weekend. Breakfast's my most important meal; I'm staying in a fancy hotel right near the Rideau Canal, but usually prefer a cool diner or local hangout. Suggestions much appreciated......

Of course, other recommendations welcome!


Rideau Restaurant
7780 Becketts Landing Rd, Kemptville, ON K0G, CA

Trying to find high-end drip coffeemaker in Montreal, no luck

Thanks...... I thought the Technivorm might be a little advanced for someone who's not a coffee fanatic - like I said, I'm looking for a gift - but I appreciate the referral to Transcend Coffee. They look like a terrific retailer.

Trying to find high-end drip coffeemaker in Montreal, no luck

So I'm looking to buy a very high-end drip coffeemaker as a wedding gift.

None of the highest-rated models on CoffeeGeek seem to be available from Mtl. retailers, online or storefront.

Does anyone know where I can find a really good selection of top-end coffeemakers?

I know about the places that sell $2000 espresso machines, as well as places like Centre de Rasoir that sell Braun/Krups-type appliances.


Old Montreal breakfast

Help, please... I'm in Montreal once a month; my home base is Old Montreal. Same pattern every time: I go to Eggspectations on St. Jacques, regret it deeply, wander around, find nothing, end up at IGA supermarket buying yogurt. I'm embarrassed to admit it happened again this morning.

There must be a decent breakfast option within walking distance of, say, the cathedral.... Suggestions?

PS - Today's Eggspectations disaster involved a server who pretended I wasn't sitting there. After waving and trying to make eye contact for 20 minutes, I bolted.

Yonge/Bloor Asian joints

I'm heading to Toronto next week. Whenever I'm there, I end up eating at least a few meals at one of the Asian restaurants that line Yonge St. from, say, College-Bloor. They are, to put it politely, of varying quality.

Can anyone recommend places on the strip where they've had above-average meals? I'm usually pleasantly surprised by a tiny Vietnamese place on the east side of Yonge whose name escapes me; you place your order at the cash, get a number before tray's brought to your table.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

Sushi train review

Since it opened, Sushi Train was always my first stop on Toronto trips. It wasn't spectacular, but easy and relaxing. Last time I visited - about six months? - I left after ten minutes at the counter. Food looked tired, servers ignored me, chef seemed miserable. I'm not surprised that it closed.

Finding good espresso in Montreal

I finally tried Caffe in Gamba last week...... I liked their attitude, their passion about coffee, their style........ but the espresso was just good, not great. I'm going to try Veritas and Italia when I'm back in January. I did, however, buy some incredible Zoka beans at Caffe in Gamba.

Finding good espresso in Montreal

How did I miss that original thread? I need more coffee! Thank you...

Finding good espresso in Montreal

Hi.... I've hunted high and low for good espresso in Montreal; no luck. Olive & Gourmando in Old Mtl. serves OK espresso, but otherwise, I can't find anything better than Van Houtte's watery version.

Any suggestions for finding the real thing? Thanks........

sushi help

My two cents, as a former Montrealer who spends a couple of weekends a month here (writing from Montreal now):
1. Miyako has always been fine, except for the time I tried eating there with a friend who's black. Service changed completely; it was so unpleasant we had to leave.
2. Kaizen failed one of my tests as a solo diner, namely treating me like a human when I walked in on a busy night. They refused to seat me at the sushi bar, claiming seats were "reserved".
3. Tokyo in Old Montreal is a horror; rolls are made in advance and kept in plastic wrap on the sushi bar. If you go down the stairs to the rest rooms, you'll see some of their cooking facilities in the basement. Like a scene from "Hostel".
I'm going to try one of the recommendations on this board tonight and report back.

Three Toronto questions

Hi.... I visit Toronto about once a month, and have found a lot of food and places to love. But still uncertain about a few things.......

1. Best espresso? I've heard about Il Gatto Nero in Little Italy; Moonbean Coffee in Kensington Market has been my default.

2. Best Vietnamese? Some of the tiny joints up and down Yonge are OK, and Chinatown too, but would appreciate more choices.

3. Best very-early-Sunday-morning breakfast? Most brunch places don't open til 10; I usually end up at the Senator Diner, but would love other early options downtown.

Thanks a lot!