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Ok, this may be a longshot: Seeking fat link breakfast sausage - NYC diner style

The hockey puck shaped sausage just doesn't do it for me. I long for the thicker than your big toe link breakfast sausage that you can get at any diner in NYC. I never thought to ask the diners who they purchase from. Surely, there's a restaurant that serves this in Austin. I'm also willing to purchase and cook myself.


Nov 06, 2010
webjockey in Austin

Anyone know of a place to teach kids cooking/nutrition classes?

Sustainable Food Center has cooking classes through their Happy Kitchen program and Sprouting Healthy Kids program.

The Happy Kitchen

Sprouting Healthy Kids

Oct 22, 2010
webjockey in Austin

Can I get a roti?

I was in Killeen today for the pow wow and decided to stop by Hot Mom's Roti (or was it Mom's Hot Roti).

My husband ordered the chicken roti. I had beef. They did have a good selection of foods I grew up with - beef patties, saltfish, souse, ox tail, goat, rice and peas. Naturally, I was very excited. The curry was also very familiar and simpl; strong cumin flavor with the familiarity of chief brand curry powder with just potatoes and no chana. I've never liked chana in my curry unless it was a veggie curry. The chicken roti came with bones, just like a good chicken roti should. The size was good for a medium sized (not texas sized) lunch portion.

Now for the bad:
1. The roti was not what I'm used to. Maybe it's a different technique from another island. They mixed the dhal into the dough all together. I'm used to the type of roti that has a little pocket for the curried dhal and it's almost paratha like. This one was more like a large flavored flour tortilla.
2. Ok, I realize this is just being picky and nostalgic, but you don't put a roti directly on foil. You put it on waxed paper and then in foil. It just didn't taste right.
3. No doubles! Now can a roti place not sell doubles!

All in all, my craving has been satiated, but the roti itself was mediocre. I definitely don't feel the need to trek back up to Killeen for a special trip. I would be willing to try their other dishes - like the oxtail (only if it's stewed). Just gotta figure out what island they're from so I can set my expectations.

Hope I didn't come off too much like a Trini snob.

Sep 18, 2010
webjockey in Austin

Baguette et Chocolat open?

Absolutely wonderful. My husband is from Germany, and I'm a transplanted NYC gal. Both of us have been longing for good quality breads and pastries. It definitely fills our needs. Great baguettes. I agree about the eclair - as good as you'll find in Austin but not stellar. The Almond croissants are excellent. If you prefer a fancier almond croissant, La Boite is probably your best bet.

Jun 26, 2010
webjockey in Austin

Can I get a roti?

Thanks for the link. I'm curious what their interpretation of Ital cooking is like, or if it's just a marketing thing.

Jun 24, 2010
webjockey in Austin

seeking spendy tex food in San Antonio

I have a friend coming in from Boston. She wanted puffy tacos or some sort of tex or mex food. Living in Austin all these years, I see puffy tacos as a lunch treat, and would like to explore some of the nicer restaurants in San Antonio. And no, she won't do French. I tried. I really really tried.

Is there any hope for this dinner meeting?

Can someone recommend a good steak place or some sort of business expense account type place that features a diverse menu that can satisfy my need for interesting chow, and her need for something Texican?

Oct 08, 2008
webjockey in Texas

And Then There Were Three:Top 3 Taco Carts in Austin TX

I agree 100% with your review of tacos el rico. The barbacoa is simply divine!

Feb 10, 2008
webjockey in Austin

Where can you get Poke?

I've only seen it at Roy's and I'd prefer not to go there. Are there any alternatives?

Dec 26, 2007
webjockey in Austin

German food in Austin?

My German husband gave a thumbs up to european bistro. We both had the jaegerschnizel (excuse the butchered spelling), and it was filling and satisfying. He had perogies as an appetizer. I've never had "authentic perogies" but these were very tasty nonetheless. I also appreciated that the food wasn't heavily salted like many restaurants.

Nov 24, 2007
webjockey in Austin

Soul Food in Austin?

Ms. B's on the east side
It's a bit upscale - not exactly your grandma's kitchen, but not exactly small-food-stacked-vertically-with-lots-of-white-space-on-plate either. You'll find everything from chicken fried chicken, to gumbo, to jambalaya, to smothered pork chops. It's soul, but also cajun/creole.

One of my favorites off the menu is the smothered pork chop- a sizeable portion and always well cooked.

When I went a few days ago for dinner, I had the special - blackened snapper with cheese grits (OMG - sinful, but good portion control) a black eyed pea relish, and sauteed green beans. Everything was wonderfully seasoned, and the fish was fresh.

For desserts, I strongly recommend the bread pudding with chantilly cream.

Nov 03, 2007
webjockey in Austin

German food in New England?

Hubby has poo-pooed the student prince.

Has anyone eaten here:

German food in New England?

My family and I are visiting the New England area. If anyone could point us to some great authentic German food, that would be great. Preferably in Hartford County, but we're willing to travel.

Oh, and my husband's German, so I can't fool him with American fusion stuff.


Can I get a roti?

Just to clarify, the roti I speak of is not Indian, but West Indian. The bread is a flat bread with spiced dal layerd into the bread. Usually, you put curry meat,potato and chana on the bread and wrap it like a burrito.

Aug 13, 2007
webjockey in Austin

Can I get a roti?

Is it possible to get any west indian food in this town? I'm even willing to travel to the outskirts of Austin for a good roti.

- homesick Trini

Aug 07, 2007
webjockey in Austin