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Ginger beer

I had a Dark-and-Stormy at Upstairs on the square last summer with house-made ginger beer. It was out of this world!

May 19, 2008
02138Mike in Greater Boston Area

must-try duck dishes?

T.W. Food has a duck confit en-croute with bitter chocolate sauce that is just amazing. Perfect for a cold night.

Nov 13, 2007
02138Mike in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge Restaurant Large Enough for 80-90 People For a Cocktail Party

Monday Club at UpStairs on the Square is the way to go!

Nov 13, 2007
02138Mike in Greater Boston Area


I love the bar at Upstairs On The Square in Cambridge (MA), where they offer a similar drink. They make their strawberry liqueur in-house and it is one of the best champagne cocktails I've tried.

Nov 13, 2007
02138Mike in Recipes

Mooo.... Review

For dessert I tried the butterscotch napoleon. It was light and fluffy (layers of butterscotch custard and chantilly cream) and overall good but just like the rest of the meal and the dinning room, it was not a serious food-centered experience. Not that I miss the Fed but, at that price, I wouldn't mind a chef or a restaurant that took things a little more serious.
We sat at the bar and the bar manager Brad waited on us, excellent service.

Aug 11, 2007
02138Mike in Greater Boston Area

Best cocktails at Upstairs on the Square Monday Club?

If Lino (Augusto Lino, I think is his name, really nice guy) is at the bar you can pretty much bet anyone you bring will be impressed. Even a cosmo is awesome when he makes it, but try the drink with rosemary, grapefruit and a Campari-like liqueur.

Aug 05, 2007
02138Mike in Greater Boston Area