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Feedback on BCN/San Seb/Madrid Dining Itinerary - ABAC vs Gresca? Hisop vs Gelonch vs Cinc Sertis?

Thanks so much to everyone for replying. Everyone is really knowledgeable and as outsiders coming to a new country, we respect your opinions greatly. Particularly avrv1 whose Madrid advice is much appreciated.

To move things along, just want to address the point that we are squeezing a lot of large meals into a short time frame. Of course we agree/feel the same way! But have to make the most of our constraints.

Perhaps it might help clarify things that (1) we are traveling from Asia and do not have much opportunity for repeat visits; (2) cannot extend the trip; and (3) ordinarily would share a single degustation menu in order to make the itinerary possible.

With that in mind, could I trouble the community to one more time address the dilemmas highlighted in the OP? If you can help us whittle down the options, that would also help address the challenge!

Thanks so much again for considering our query!

Jun 08, 2012
jonpflug in Spain/Portugal

Feedback on BCN/San Seb/Madrid Dining Itinerary - ABAC vs Gresca? Hisop vs Gelonch vs Cinc Sertis?

Hi all,

After a comprehensive review of many posts on this site, my girlfriend and I have compiled the following itinerary. Given the short amount of time we have (and we want to make time for tapas/pintxos), we have to make some difficult choices and wanted your thoughts on how to trade off some of the restaurants.

Would really appreciate your feedback! Also, to avoid the inevitable "you need to extend your stay/everything is too rushed", we would love to do that too! Unfortunately, just can't afford the time/leave from work sigh.. hence, the need for advice on our dilemmas!

Also, the days of the week below don't run in order as we have non-gastronomy focused trips organised within the gaps.


Day 1 (Fri)
- Lunch: Alkimia
- Dinner: Dilemma #1 - ABAC or Gresca?
- Supper: Dilemma #2 - would we be too full to enjoy Cal Pep? There are only two of us so they don't take reservations. Would it be impossible to get seats if we show up ~10:30/11:00PM?

Day 2 (Sat)
- Breakfast: La Boqueria
- Lunch: Fonda Gaig
- Dinner: Dilemma #3 - Gelonch or Hisop?

Dilemma #4 - How to fit in Cinc Sertis: afternoon snack? supper? cancel one of the above meals?

Dilemma #5 - Tapas/pintxos: how to whittle down the list below into 3-5

Quimet y quimet, La Vinya del Senyor, Escriba, Tapas24, Taktika Berri, Jamonismo, El Vaso de Oro, Euskal Extea

Day 3 (Sun): Major challenge as most places appear closed. Any recommendations? Right now, all we have is:

- Lunch: Kaiku

To add to our heartache, Sant Pau has no availability during the days we will be in Barcelona.


Day 1 (Wed)

- Lunch: Etxebarri
- Dinner: Dilemma #6 - Thinking of pintxos, given heavy lunch expected. Any advice on how to choose amongst Alona Berri, Bar Txepetxa, Bar Ganbara, and La Cepa?

Day 2 (Thu)

- Lunch: Akelarre
- Dinner: Mugaritz

Day 3 (Fri)

- Lunch: Arzak


Day 1 (Mon)

- Lunch: El Club Allard
- Dinner: [Open for recommendations]

Day 2 (Tues)

- Lunch: Sergi Arola Gastro
- Dinner: Restaurant Ramón Freixa

Thanks so much in advance to everyone for your help! Really appreciate your feedback/advice.

Jun 03, 2012
jonpflug in Spain/Portugal