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No trans-fat puff pastry in the city??

Where can I get puff pastry in the city WITHOUT trans fats? The only puff pastry I've seen is frozen Pepperidge Farm and it's full of trans fat.

Where to buy Wagyu Beef in San Francisco?

Golden Gate Meats, Ferry Building Market. It's American Wagyu, though; I don't know if true Japanese Wagyu is available in the US at all. I got Kobe sirloin tip for $32.99/lb there two weeks ago, cut it up, dredged and deep fried it.

Mushy Foods

Pureed veggie soups, maybe with roasted veggies.

Cheddar soup with beer.

Mashed veggies, particularly less common ones like celery root, rutabaga, parsnip, heirloom carrots, e.g. Add roast garlic for more flavor.

Mushy peas with mint.

Curried spinach, with the spinach cooked until really mushy.

Egg custard, or creme brulee without the brulee if you can't handle the crust.

Dec 17, 2006
waffle_in_law in Home Cooking

Best Eggs Benedict?

Zazie, Cole Valley. The hollandaise is handmade and you get roast potatoes with roast garlic on the side.

Southeast Asian Fruits?

I'm looking for a good fruit store that has an extensive Southeast Asian fruit selection (i.e. custard apples, dragonfruit, mangosteens, longan, starfruit, different mango varieties, rambutan, etc.) Doesn't matter where in the Bay Area it is.


First Time San Fran From Canada

I've been living in SF for less than 2 months, so others might probably have better specific recommendations.

In general terms, as a born and bred Torontonian, I'd say that Japanese and Mexican food are superior to what Toronto and Ottawa have. Seafood as well. Wine bars and brewpubs are generally better too. Produce, especially organics, beats Ontario's hands down; I'd say only Vancouver comes close. Same for artisanal breads.

Chinese in Toronto is purportedly better than SF, though I've heard that there are lots of Chinese places in the suburbs south of SF that are better than what's in the city. Eastern European, Caribbean, Jewish, and most pizza are definitely worse in SF; I wouldn't bother.

As for specific dishes here that you can't find in Ontario, I can't think of any offhand (except for soup in a sourdough bread bowl at Fisherman's Wharf, and even then you can get it at Timmy Ho's). You can pretty much find the same stuff, only with different levels of quality. One doesn't really realize how diverse Ontario food is until one leaves! :)

That said, here are my picks:

-Tlaloc, at Commercial & Sansome, Financial District. Burritos on a completely different level.

-Okoze Sushi, Union St., Russian Hill. Haven't been, but it's gotten a lot of good words on these boards.

-Cheese Board in Berkeley, on Shattuck. All organic pizza. Worth the trip across the bay.

-Yuet Lee, Broadway & Stockton, Chinatown. Cantonese seafood. Open late.
-Koi Palace, Daly City. Dim sum.

-Acme, Ferry Building.

Wine Bars
-London Wine Bar, Sansome & Sacramento. Supposedly the first wine bar in America. Very laid back and quiet.

-San Francisco Brewing, Columbus & Kearny, Chinatown/North Beach. Brewing on site. Beautiful old decor.
-Rogue, Columbus & Powell.
-Marin Brewing, Larkspur, Marin County. Take the ferry at the Ferry Building to Larkspur for $6.50 one way and cross the bay. Enjoy a Lagunitas pale ale on the boat. Take pictures. Cross the pedestrian bridge near the Larkspur dock and you're right there. Have another Lagunitas on the ride back.

Ice Cream
-Swensen's, Hyde & Union, Russian Hill. The first Swensen's, the only one that makes ice cream on-site, and the only one that looks nothing like the chain.
-Mitchell's. Various locations.

Hope this helps!

First Time San Fran From Canada

Ah, a fellow Eastern/Central Canadian?

I'd go to the Ferry Building Marketplace. One of the most pleasant places to have lunch in America. The Farmers' Market is on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday with lots of fresh organic produce. It's like Ottawa Byward/Toronto St. Lawrence Market, only more upscale and by the ocean.