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Moving to Sydney. Best Place to Live?

Hi, my husband and I - and our 2 toddlers moved to Sydney 3 months ago from Ft. Lauderdale. My husband works in North Sydney, and my kids are going to preschool in the CBD. We are living in Double Bay (aka "Double Pay")... but there is a reason they call it that. We are about a 5-10 minute drive from downtown, the ferry picks up basically from our backyard and is an incredibly enjoyable 8 minute ride to Circular Quay, or 30 minute bus, or quick train ride from Edgecliff station. The public schools here are very good also.

So onto the food, from anywhere in Double Bay you can walk to the shops with several excellent produce shops (which also have fresh yogurt and make fresh juice), a good butcher, and a good cheese shop with some deli items. The only thing not so convenient would be a seafood store, for which you would most likely go next door to Rose Bay or to the Edgecliff Station shops.

As a side note, you can also walk to a small nice beach that has a sidewalk and benches (next to the ferry wharf). There are lots of wonderful little cafes and shops in every direction, and with the close proximity to everything there is a reason it is more expensive,

There are also other areas in the Eastern Suburbs which are nice, and a good location for someone working in the CBD.
If you need more info about what we've done regarding moving-- send me a note back.
Good luck with your research!

Chocolate in Sydney (or perhaps wider)

Max Brenner is all things chocolate... gotta go there.

Looking for Restaurants in Sydney

Our family just moved from Florida to Sydney... and I am going to look for the Asian restaurants you've mentioned!

Regarding Bagel House- we went there this morning, and I'm not sure if you know what "Lenders Bagels" are in the U.S. (basically frozen smaller than normal bagels from the grocery store)... but that is what the bagels reminded me of. Are there any places in Sydney that have things like whitefish salad, etc?
Thanks for the other restaurant listings, we are going to check them out!